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  • Lingerie Trends for Spring 2015

    Now that we have done our spring cleaning and we have made room for new and fresh spring styles, it is time for the fun part - SHOPPING! Now matter how old we get, shopping is still as thrilling now, as it was when we were prom dress shopping at 17. This spring, there are so many fun new trends in fashion and in lingerie and we are here to share them all with you.

    Lingerie Trends For Spring 2015


    Pretty in Pastel: Master spring's easy elegance with soft pastel shades in both your wardrobe and in your lingerie drawer. Whimsical colors mixed with delicate lace details create the ultimate girly combination. - Model Wearing: Heidi Countour Balconnet Bra - $62


    Detailed Bras: These detailed bras are so eye-catching that you will want to show them off. This trend may not be for everyone but if you are willing to take the risk, we promise there will be a high reward. Of course you can still wear these bras under your clothing, without showing the entire world but we do love that this trend is catching on and we hope to see much more of it as the temperatures warm up. - Model Wearing:


    Femme Florals: Botanical prints are sure to be a hot commodity this spring in home, fashion and in lingerie. We love everything about this romantic inspired trend and think that your wardrobe will be sure to flourish with the addition of flower printed bras and panties. - Model Wearing: Marie Jo Axelle T-Shirt Bra - $137


    Strawberry Ice: Pantone selected this tasteful and tasty color amongst its top 10 colors for Spring of 2015 so we are sure that we will be seeing much more of it this coming season. Strawberry Ice is an updated version of her younger sister pink but the feeling is much more updated and refined. Infuse your underpinnings with some fruity shades and we promise you will be tickled pink! - Model Wearing: Mari Jo Avero Countour Pluge Bra - $120

    There are so many reasons to look forward to the start of spring! When you are ready to to update your lingerie colors this season be sure to drop into Sylene so that we can help you find a color and style that suits you best. And don't forget about our Spring Cleaning Bra and Panty Trade in Event! Trade in your gently used bras for $5 off a new bra purchase and trade in your panties for $2.50 off the purchase of a new pair of panties!

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.36.14 PM


  • Spring Cleaning: Cleansing Your Lingerie Drawer

    Spring Cleaning: Cleansing Your Lingerie Drawer

    2755 Sculptural Strapless

    The weather is warming up and we finally have some extra daylight, which are all signs that point to spring being on its way! After enduring the most dreadful winter ever, we are ready to welcome all the things that come along with this bright and cheery season. And much like how you clean out your closet at the beginning of each season, we think your lingerie drawer should get the same spring cleaning treatment.

    We can all probably agree that there are some things at the bottom of our lingerie drawers that need to be tossed and are borderline questionable. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on how you can clean up your lingerie act in these simple steps.

    Commando panties

    Dump Your Drawer: First you have to see what you are working with, so dump your bra and panty drawer on your floor and start creating piles. Create groups of things you love, things you haven't worn in over a year and things you absolutely hate. Having these three piles will help you start paving the path towards total lingerie organization.

    Love: With the items you love, make sure that you look through them carefully to ensure that your favorite pieces are still in good condition. If they are starting to wear out, make a note of the style and brand so that you can re-purchase your most loved items. Keep the items in great condition and place them back in your drawer.

    No Love: Start going through your pile of items that you haven't touched in a while. Go through each item, one by one and ask yourself why you haven't worn it in over a year. If the bra is old and worn out, toss it. If the straps are worn and the cups are misshapen, throw it out. If it doesn't fit you properly, get rid of it. If there are pieces that you have held onto because they are pretty but not as functional, it’s ok to hold on to them.

    Hate It: If you hate a certain pair of underwear and cringe when you look at them, it is probably safe to say that you can get rid of this item. And if you feel this way about it, there is a good chance others will feel the same way. Place these items into the get rid of pile.

    Donate or Toss: Go through the items that you are ready to part with and sort these pieces into  “Donate” and “Toss” piles. Bras that can be donated should be in good condition, no one wants your old beat up and worn out bra. Also there is no need to donate old briefs with holes in them, those you can toss as well. There are many different places you can donate your bras, including Sylene, in exchange for some killer discounts. Starting today through April 7th, we are offering $5 off the purchase of a new bra with trade in and $2.50 off the purchase of a new panty with trade in.

    Organize: With the items you plan to keep, place them back in your drawer in an organized fashion. Make sure that your bras are stacked in a way that they are not disturbing the form and structure of the bra. If they don't all fit, maybe look into a different storage solution to house your undergarments. We promise keeping them in an orderly fashion will extend the life of your bras. Now you will also have room to add new spring styles into your wardrobe!

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.36.14 PM

    Be sure to head into Sylene with your gently used bras for discounts on brand new ones! All bras will be donated to the women of Interfaith Works.


  • NYFW Spring Swimwear Trends

    IMG_9509 Custo BarcelonaIMG_9510  Custo BarcelonaIMG_9432 ZimmermanIMG_9433 ZimmermanIMG_9434 ZimmermanIMG_5890 Custo BarcelonaIMG_5888       Custo Barcelona

    IMG_9476Mara Hoffman

    IMG_5514Mara Hoffmann

    NYFW Spring Swimwear Trends

    It is hard to believe will be transitioning into Spring soon, as we are getting pounded with snow. For many of us it is hard to plan what we are going to wear when we wake up that day, let alone think of what is to come for the next season.  But rest assured, there are some great things to come for Spring and we just had to share them with you! One of the Sylene team members had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week last September and she reported back to us on her favorite swimwear trends for spring and what we can expect to see in the near future.

    There were many stand-out trends for Spring that walked down the runways inside Lincoln Center including: lace, ruffles, menswear pieces, mesh, and western inspired looks.  Swimwear made an appearance in many of the runway shows and we were excited at what we saw.  Zimmerman showed dressed up swimwear that almost looked like it could double as evening wear!  They showed high waisted bottoms with ruffles that were paired with bra tops with lace overlay.  They also showed sheer white lace cover-ups that almost had a western chic feel to them.  It is safe to say that we should expect to see lace and ruffles make an appearance in swimwear styles for next year.

    We also caught a few swimwear inspired styles at the Custo Barcelona show where they featured simple bikinis under beautiful mesh open-weave cover-ups with intricate geometric designs.  Seeing multiple mesh looks made us think that this is also a trend that we could be seeing for resort wear for next spring/summer.  They also showed bold printed one pieces with cut-outs and high waisted two-piece styles that had capes!  Although we are not sure how that would translate at the pool or beach, it was interesting to see on the runway.

    At Mara Hoffman we saw beautiful pastel colored suits with high waisted bottoms and some with cut-outs. We also saw beach and lounge wear in bold prints that had a laid back and relaxed feel to them.  Many models that walked down the runway wore baseball caps that seemed to be 90's inspired with a longer than usual brims.  It seems that many designers are beginning to catch on to how important protecting our skin really is and our "hat's off" (literally) to Mara for making it fashionable!

    Spring may seem far away with all of the snow we have been getting but we are pretty excited for the new trends that we saw and our spring styles have already started arriving at Sylene. Come in and take a look at our new Spring styles and we have no doubt you will be on trend for your next beach vacation!

  • The Great Escape

    If you are living on the east coast currently, then you know that the weather has been less than ideal, down right unbearable. We have just been hit with snow and there are rumors that another storm is headed our way. Are you kidding? Where is spring when you need it? Instead of sticking around and braving the frigid temps we are thinking it is about time to plan an escape to somewhere warmer. We have rounded up our favorite new items that we will be packing along with us on our great escape.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.30.31 PM

    1. Rayban Round Metal Glasses;  2. Clarins Sunscreen;  3. Vix Nile Bia Bikini;  4. Melissa Odabash Panama Hat;  5. Melissa Odabash Alanna Coverup; 6. Ipanema Laurel Flip Flop


    Everyone needs one great bikini and this one by Vix is it ladies. It is super flattering and the colors scream beach getaway. Pack this suit along on your vacation and we promise you will want to wear this the entire time! Model wearing the Vix Nile Bia Bikini .


    Packing a versatile coverup is essentail for any tropical escape and this one is so gorgeous you will be wearing it more than just to the pool. Wear it over your bikini during the day and then pair with jeans or wear a white slip dress under and you are ready for dinner! Model wearing Melissa Odabash Alanna Coverup.


    A comfy pair of flops are key when packing for a warm weather trip and we love these because they give you a bit of height and the gold detail is super cute. We promise these will be your go-to sandals on your next vacation! Ipanema Laurel Flip Flop

    panama-hat-4888-c_5335Nothing is more important than protecting your skin from the sun, especially your face. This Panama hat by Melissa Odabash fits like a dream and can be worn with almost anything you pack along to the beach! Melissa Odabash Panama Hat

    We wish you safe travels!

  • Fifty Shades Of Grey + Valentine's Day


    You might actually be living under a rock if you haven't heard of the latest steamy romance novel-turned film, 50 Shades of Grey. The novel was first published in 2011 and has absolutely swept the nation, selling 60 million copies and spawning two sequels, titled Fifty-Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. So it comes at no surprise that most women are a little giddy for the movie to be released on February 13th and we are sure the release date had nothing to do with Valentine's Day at all..

    Along with the the other 200 million women out there who are dying to see this movie, we can absolutely not wait either. Being in the lingerie business ourselves, we are most interested to see what lead character, Anastasia Steele, will be wearing. Seeing as she plays the role of girlfriend to handsome billionaire, Christian Grey, we can only assume her lingerie will be as steamy as the love scenes.

    So if you plan to see 50 Shades of Grey with your valentine, then we suggest you pick out something special for the post show. Because if the movie is anything like the books, well then you better be prepared for things to heat up once you get back home. Check out our top picks for Valentine's Day success below.


    IMG_1999Wow your Valentine in this stunning duo by L'Agent Provocateur. Model is pictured featuring the Penelope Corset and Penelope Suspender Brief.



    Play up the romance in this effortless chic set by L'Agent Provocateur. Model is pictured featuring the Vanesa Basque Corset and Vanesa Mini Brief.

    Mimi-Holliday-chocolate chip bodysuit-2

    Surprise your valentine with something chic yet unexpected! Model is pictured featuring the Mimi Holiday Chocolate Chip Body Suit.

    MimiHolliday nightgown

    You can't go wrong with a flirty silk baby-doll slip like this one from Mimi Holiday! Model is pictured featuring the Zoom Silk Satin Chemise.

    Wishing you all a happy Valentine's Day and please feel free to comment below if you have any lingerie questions for us!

  • Ask The Bra Lady: Jan/Feb Edition

    Love our Ask The Bra Lady section of our newsletter? Well if so, you will be happy to hear that we are now publishing these questions on our blog as well! And if you don't receive our newsletter, let us know so we can change but in the mean time you can find all of her helpful information right here on our blog.

    Q. I’d like to treat myself to a pretty bra and panty set but I wear a large cup size. Is it my imagination or is it that all the pretty, sexy bras are for smaller busted girls? All the bras I see in my size look like harnesses! I would love to find something that is not full coverage. Can you suggest something for an F or G cup girl?

    Alissa N.

    A. We carry many beautiful bras that fit your requirements. And Diamond from Prima Donna’s luxury collection sounds like just what you are looking for. This bra is a deep plunge style with invisible support. Both the bra and panty are crafted from  beautiful corsetry lace, satin ribbon and embellished with ultra-fine details. It is stylish, sensual, and sophisticated. You can’t help but to feel indulged in this set.

    PrimaDonna_Diamond_Black_04_low_resBra 32-44 C-H cups $155, Panty S-XXL $72.

    Q. I have a winter vacation planned to Antigua. I have always prided myself on a nice waistline but something has happened and my middle seems to have become thicker. What type of suit would you suggest for me?

    Kathy M.

    A. There are a number of swimsuit styles that would work for you. We always say you need to enhance the positive while detracting from the negative. A bandeau suit is a good choice as most of us have great shoulders and one’s eyes tend to go upwards naturally. This one from Karla Colletto called “Flounce” camouflages the middle with its cascading ruffle that optically reduces your waistline. With a hidden underwire, you get the bonus of added bust support.

    KarlaColletto_C2015_277000Available in black with moss, red or cobalt flounce in sizes 8-16 $276.

    We want to hear from YOU! Send your questions our way and we would be happy to answer them in our next issue of Ask The Bra Lady and here on our Ask The Bra Lady Blog.

  • New Year, New Resolutions

    happy_new_year_2_1920As we approach the new year ahead, we look back at the past 365 days and reflect on the good and the bad, what we achieved and what we strive to in the new year. There are many things that we were beyond grateful for in 2014; our loyal customers, family, friends, pets, and our health to name a few. And even though 2014 was a wonderful year, we only hope that the year upon us will be even better. We have laid out or resolutions and are ready to tackle them in 2015! We want to hear what your resolutions are! Share them in the comments below!

    Stay Fit and Committed to Health: Our health is so important to us and as we age it is even more important to stay active and to watch what we eat. This year we are looking to keep consistent and to add something new into our workout routine, to keep things fresh and new!

    Make Time For Me: Many times we work so hard focusing on our business and others around us that we forget to think about ourselves. This year we are going to take a little more “me” time and maybe even indulge in a spa appointment every now and then!

    Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family: This one is huge for us. Family is extremely important to us and we are committed to spending more quality time together in 2015. Whether it is a family trip somewhere or just chatting over coffee, this is something that we will be focusing on in the new year.

    Give Back: We are very blessed to have a roof over our heads, own a successful business and to have a happy and healthy family but many people are not as fortunate. It is important to us to give back to our community and to help others in need and in 2015 we look to do more of this kind of work. We do a lot of giving back through the store, so if you are interested in joining us please comment below so we can inform you when we do so.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!

    -The Sylene Team

  • The Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide

    Can you believe there are only 9 days left until Christmas and Hanukkah has already begun? Boy does time fly by! We are frantically finishing up our shopping and putting up last minute decorations and even though we are a bit rushed this year we love how the holidays bring our families and friends together.
    We have put together another gift guide to help out those last minute shoppers with clever ideas for the fitness enthusiast on your list.  With the new year fast approaching, we all map out our goals for the year to come and for most people fitness is high up on that list. If you or the person you are shopping for is like us and is promising to devote more time in the gym this year, well why don't you help them by giving them some fresh fitness gear! Check out our top fitness picks below:

    Fitness Gift Guide

    The Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide was created by Sylene
    We wish you happy holidays from the Sylene Team!
  • Girl On The Go - Gift Guide

    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.46.47 PM

    Have someone on your holiday shopping list that is extremely hard to shop for? Maybe she is a jet setter and constantly on the move or maybe she has it all and you are stumped with what to get her?  Well we are here to the rescue and have come up with 7 gift ideas that are perfect for the girl on the go!

    Girl On The Go - Gift Guide

    1. Cosmetic Travel Pouch: Every girl needs a cosmetic travel pouch, no matter how much she travels. This one perfect for the fashionista on your list and can be used makeup or any carry-on travel items. Any girl would love this gift!

    2. Travel Slippers: These slippers are super comfortable and will pack in a suitcase with ease. These can be worn at home too but we love how easy these pack along and are awesome to slip on for long flights as well!

    3. The Tee Shirt Bra: This is a bra that every girl needs, world traveler or not. It is super comfortable and perfect on international flights or long days of sight seeing. This is a must have bra for the girl on the go!

    4. Eye Masks: Eye masks are essential for anyone who does a decent amount of traveling. These have cute little sayings to choose from that will let the girl on your list doze off in style.

    5. Cozy Loungewear: Comfortable, packable clothing is key when traveling and this jacket by UGG is the ideal lightweight jacket to wear on a plane or to throw on when it gets chilly out. Extremely versatile!

    6. The Panty Pak: This is a fan favorite of ours and a genius invention. Everyone knows its a pain to keep the clean from the dirty separate while living out of a suitcase and this panty pak has brilliantly done all the dirty work for us! Every girl on the go needs one of these in her luggage arsenal!

    7. Hanky Panky Thongs: These thongs are comfortable, easy to pack and lightweight. Every woman loves them, so we can guarantee that any girl on your list would love a few of these in her stocking this year!

    Happy Shopping and check back with us next week for another gift guide as we count down the last days of holiday shopping! Also, please comment below if you are stumped with gift ideas, we are happy to help!



  • The New Mom Gift Guide

    Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.38.57 PM

    1. Rock A Bye Baby Eye Mask $26   2. Lafco Mini Candle Set  $85  3. Prince Bib $15   4. Trina Turk Mesh Crop Leggings  $84  5. Ugg Slippers $100   6. Mommy Robe $180

    Thanksgiving has come and gone and Hanukkah and Christmas will be knocking on our doors before we know it! If you haven't already started your holiday shopping, you better get to it! We will be sharing a holiday gift guide with you each week until Christmas and first up we have a guide for all those new mommies out there that deserve some pampering.

    1. Rock-A-Bye-Baby Sleep Mask- As we all know a new mom doesn't always get the amount of shut eye she needs or deserves, so when she is able to catch a few z’s let her do it in style and in peace.
    2. Lafco Candle Set- Give her the gift of a spa like atmosphere. Aromatherapy can transport her to a zen like place and after a stressful day with a squealing little one, all she will want is to light a nice candle, draw a hot bubble bath and pour a glass of red wine. Include the bubble bath and red wine for extra brownie points!
    3. Prince Bib- A new mom will always appreciate new bibs around the house and how cute is this one for the little prince in her life!?
    4. Work-Out Pants- Everyone needs a little “me” time and new moms are no exception to this! Give her a cute pair of workout pants, a pass to her favorite yoga or barre class and offer to watch the little one while she gets her workout on. We promise she will thank you for this gift!
    5. Ugg Slippers- These cozy slippers are perfect for the new mom that is constantly cleaning up or chasing after her precious little one. They are the only shoe you need when inside your home!
    6. Luxe Mommy Robe- This gift would go nicely with the candle set mentioned earlier. After the nice long bubble bath, give her the gift of a cuddly robe to snuggle up in during her relaxing at home spa night.

    We promise these gift ideas will be a huge hit with the new mommy in your life. Be sure to check back with us over the next few weeks as we roll out other unique gift guides for the ladies in your life that mean the most! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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