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  • Travel Tips: How To Pack Like A Pro

    Kristin Cavallari Travel Traveling light can be hard, especially when you absolutely need every item in your closet with you…you know, just in case. With a ton of fun things planned out, whether it for a weekend or a week, you don’t want things that may be unnecessary taking up too much space, or any space at all. That’s why we’ve come up with some great travel clothes and accessories to make sure you get the most out of your suitcase!

    Travel Packing Tips

    Most importantly, you want to be comfortable when you travel, but you also want to look cute, too of course! Try pairing the Wolford Holly Leggings with the Cosabella Capri Swing Top and some Converse sneakers. The look is classic and comfy, and can even take you from one climate to another if you wear a tank top underneath.

    You’ll also want to bring along pajamas that are easy too pack, but still good for getting that perfect night’s sleep. We recommend Eberjey’s Heather Tunic.

    Bed isn’t the only time you want to be comfortable, though, so bring along the PJ Salvage Tie Dye set for lounging around your hotel room.

    Top your nightly look off with a fun Cicciabella eye mask.

    Last but not least, you’ve got to have the right places to pack everything from your makeup to your shampoo. For style and function, try the Trina Kelly Stripe Travel Pouch Set.

    Where will you be headed now that you are all packed and ready to go? We wish you safe travels and please share your photos in your Sylene gear on your next vacation by tagging us on Instagram!


  • Bras for Fall

    Fall is almost here, which means it’s time for a bra update! It’s good to replace your bras almost every season before they wear out and don’t offer as much support. Plus, who doesn’t want the most on-trend undergarments? This Fall we’re obsessed with cobalt blues, plum purples, and emerald greens. Sound familiar? We may or may not have gotten our inspiration from the stunning feathers of a peacock. These colors may seem impractical under your white tops and sheer blouses, but showing off your lace is still in even when the temperature drops. If not, save your fun bras as a little weekend treat! Plus, you can never go wrong with classic black and nude. Shop our new Fall bras online or in our store now so come September you’re ready to flaunt your feathers!

    Fall 15 Bra Colors

    Clara Whisper Contour Bra;  Ninefea Underwire BraMadame Butterfly BraIsabelle Floating Underwire BraEllie Leaping Contour Bra


    More bras for fall will be trickling in soon, so make sure you check back with us soon!

    4407 S. Park Avenue
    Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815


  • Boudoir Shoot Inspiration

    pose laying on bedBoudoir photo shoots are the perfect way to say you love your man right before you say “I do!” Didn’t get it together in time for a pre-wedding gift? No problem! Boudoir photo shoots are also a great first year anniversary present. Find a great photographer and then pick out a few pieces that make you feel your best. You want to look sexy, but you also want to look natural, so make sure to be yourself. Add on your veil or one of his button-down shirts for a look that’s more than just lingerie. Here is some pose inspiration and a few of our favorite pieces for a boudoir photo shoot.

    pose off of bed pose from the back with mirror pose with veil pose with button-down Boudoir Photo Shoot Looks

    White Lace Bustier, White High Waisted Knickers,  Vanesa Basque SetMariona Basque Set, Aubade Set.

    These are just a few ideas for looks for your boudoir shoot but we have a ton of options online and in our store. So before you plan you boudoir shoot, make sure you visit Sylene so we can help you style your looks for your shoot. We promise this will be a gift your hubby to be will never forget!
    4407 S. Park Avenue
    Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
  • 5 Tips For Your Best Night’s Sleep

    pose with button-down

    We all know that horrible feeling of being exhausted and still somehow not being able to fall asleep or sleep all the way through the night. Whether it’s your to-do list for the next day or an upcoming work presentation you need to nail, something playing over and over in your mind makes it impossible to get any rest. Luckily, all of us at Sylene have been there a few times, so we came up with our 5 Tips For Your Best Night’s Sleep.



    Lafco Candles

    It’s important to unwind after a long day and put your mind at ease. To best do this, light some candles around a bathtub and enjoy for at least 15 minutes.

    Get cozy


    Natori PJs

    Once you’ve calmed down from your hectic day, you’ve got to slip into something comfortable to hang out in. We recommend one of our pajama sets, with a long-sleeve top and pants, to ensure you’re nice and warm while you focus your mind on something simple, like a sitcom.

    Get comfortable



    After your bath and a good TV show, change into some pajama shorts and a tee shirt or tank top. You want to be comfortable while you sleep and being too warm can cause you to wake in the night. You also don’t want to be too cold, so make sure your covers provide enough heat.

    Settle in

    Sleep Mask-2

    Sleep Masks

    Once you’re in your bed, take a few deep breaths as you settle into your best sleeping position. A lot of times falling asleep is a mental game. A sleep mask can help tell your body to relax and your mind to settle down.

    Be patient


    Bed Sock

    Sometimes it takes a bit of time to fall into that deep slumber we’re all looking for, but don’t be discouraged. Be patient and continue to breath deeply and soon you’ll stop thinking about everything you need to do, or forgot to do, because you’ll be asleep.

    Sleep tight!

  • How To Extend the Life of Your Swimwear


    How To Extend the Life of Your Swimwear

    August has just begun, which unfortunately means summer is winding down. It also means that you still need to get at least another three weeks out of your swimsuits. If you’re like us, and always aiming to be in a bathing suit all weekend, then you know the struggle of keeping your suits looking fresh all summer. We know it can be hard to maintain that just-bought vibrancy, so we’ve come up with a few tips to extend the life of your swimwear.

    1. Rinse your bathing suit in fresh water before entering the pool or ocean.
    2. Do not machine-wash your suits; you should wash them by hand.
    3. Wash your bathing suits in cold, clear water after every use.
    4. After you wash it, roll your bathing suit up in a clean, dry towel and squeeze. Any moisture left in your suit for an extended period of time can be damaging.
    5. Don’t dry your bathing suits out in the sun, let them air dry. It may take a little longer, but the hot summer sun can bleach out those bright colors.
    6. Don’t dry your suits in a dryer or spinner. Any machine can cause tears and break down the fabric.
    7. When air drying, don’t hang your wet suit on a hanger. The hanging will cause chemicals to settle in the bottom of the bathing suit, creating a worn out look. Hang your wet suit over a chair, or lay it flat.
    8. Rotate your suits. Having more than one bathing suit is a must anyway, but now at least you have some sort of excuse.

    Hanging 2

    Stop by our store, or visit us online, to find the next new addition to your personal swimwear collection!

  • Bralette Styling Tips - Straight From The Celebrities


    Strappy Additions

    Bralette Styling Tips - Straight From The Celebrities

    These days it seems like celebrities are showing us more and more. While a nip-slip is still a major “oops!” in the business, bralettes are making it easier and easier to wear those revealing tops. Without ruining what your top has to offer, bralettes add a little something extra, and keep you right on trend. Here are our 5 favorite ways to wear a bralette!

    Add some fun details to any plain top

    Beyonce Bralette

    Kendall Jenner Bralette

    Queen Bey has killer style and she certainly knows how to style a bralette. This look is super simple to replicate and looks good on almost any body type. Just find a pretty bra that is worth showing off and then layer a loose fitting muscle tank overtop for a casual and chic look.

    Keep It Simple In Lace 

    Karrueche Bralette


    Never in a million years would you think of wearing a bra as a top but things have changed and there are ways to pull off this trend without baring it all. Pair a lacy bralette with a high waisted skirt or pants for a more pulled together look. Avoid showing your bellybutton if you can, it helps give the bralette more of a top look. 

    Go Bold And Add Just A Jacket

    Sarah Hyland Bralette

    Spice up a conservative blazer with a peekaboo from your bralette underneath. It's an easy way to add style and edge to your look without looking like you just came from the office.

    Stay Covered Up Under A Sheer Top



    Show you're not afraid of being bold in this new style. While sheer may sound a little risque, a bralette is the perfect way to keep covered where you need to be. It's the perfect upgrade from a plain tank top.


    Bralettes As Tops

    Sylene Collage


    Show some skin with this new top trend. Pair your bralette with a high-waisted pencil skirt for a night out, or with jean cut-offs for a fun weekend look.


    Now that you are inspired to show off a little bra in your next outfit, you will need to update your lingerie drawer. Shop our bralettes by clicking here and feel free to come in for any styling suggestions!

  • Back To School Necessities

    With August quickly approaching, we’ve got one thing on our mind: back to school shopping! That’s right, it’s time to stock up on all the essentials for a smooth transition back into campus life. Luckily, Sylene has the necessities you should be looking for. First things first, a fresh pack of undies is also always a good idea to start the year off right. With so many options to choose from, try the fun colors in the Hanky Panky Original Rise 5 Pack Thongs. You’ll also want to stay organized right off the bat, so try the Trina Essential Purse Kit for keeping your many accessories in one spot. Whether it’s for your pencils, or your make-up, the gold and black case is a must for a girl on the go.

    The beginning of a school year can also be stressful, so you want to ensure you stay relaxed. To do so, you’ve got to set the right vibe in your room. Perfect for doing this is the Lafco Mini Candle Set. In soothing colors and pleasant scents, they take your room from dorm to spa in no time. You’ve also got to be comfortable while you lounge, which is why we recommend the Eberjey Sadie Stripes Dolman Top and Legging. The set is the perfect balance of looking good and feeling good. And don’t forget to love those soles with the UGG Australia Fluff Flip Flop!

    back to school necessities polyvore-2

    UGG Australia Fluff Flip Flop: $80, Eberjey Sadie Stripes Dolman Top and Legging: $86 and $64, Lafco Mini Candle Set: $99, Trina Essential Purse Kit: $18, Hanky Panky Original Rise 5 Pack Thongs: $90.

  • 6 Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas

    As bridal shower and wedding invites begin to flood your inboxes this summer, we suggest that you start your shopping early to ensure you find the happy couple the perfect gift to celebrate their special day. When hunting for a shower gift that will wow the bride-to-be, try thinking outside the box and get the blushing bride something a little more personal, something you know she will use and love. Sure, you can't go wrong with giving her a gift off of her registry but finding something that is unique, thoughtful and perfectly suited for the bride is sure to stand out amongst the sea of gifts she will receive at her shower.

    Leave the generic gifts to the bride's elderly relatives and opt for something that you would want to recieve yourself. There are plenty of cheesy looking frames or other bridal nic-nacs out there but that doesn't mean your bride wants them! A good rule of thumb is to either stick to the registry or find a useful gift she will use in her new home, on her honeymoon or on her wedding day. We have put together a list of 6 items that any bride would absolutely love to receive at her bridal shower and all at an affordable price. Shop our top picks below!

    6 Bridal Shower Gifts

    1. Robe: Eberjey  // 2. Beach Bag: Miami Carry All   // 3. Bikini: Marysia  // 4. Personalized Pillows: Alexander Ferguson  // 5. Lingerie: Eberjey // 6. Garter: Hanky Panky

    1. Robe: Pick out a cute robe that the bride can wear on her wedding day. It will come in handy while getting her makeup and hair done on her big day and will be perfect for photo ops. She will also wear this robe long after the wedding day and will look back each time she wears it with fond memories.

    2. Beach Bag: If your bride to be is headed somewhere tropical on her honeymoon, think about giving her a honeymoon inspired gift. Buy a fun beach bag an fill it with towels, sunscreen and maybe even a new bikini!

    3. Bikini: Going with the honeymoon theme, find a binkini that you know that she will love and get great use out of while relaxing in paradise. White is always a great option for new brides as well!

    4.Personalized Pillows: Get personal and have a meaningful message monogrammed on a pillow that they can put on their bed or in their living room. We love these pillows by Alexander Ferguson because you can have pretty much anything you want monogrammed on the front.

    5. Lingerie Set: No bridal shower is complete without giving the bride lingerie or sleepwear to enjoy on her honeymoon. There are so many options when it comes to selecting lingerie for the bride, so make sure you use her style and taste as a judge and also the type of party you are attending. If you plan to give her risqué lingerie, you might want to save that for the bachelorette party instead of embarrassing her in front of her new mother-in-law.

    6. Garter: Every bride needs a garter to wear under her dress on the big day, so why not be the person to give it to her? Many people assume that the bride picks out her own garter, when in actuality she may have totally forgotten about it. Pick something that is fun but also fits your bride's style and personality.


  • How To Tie A Sarong

    Sylene Sarong

    We all probably have a sarong or two that have been tucked away in the back of our closets with no earthly idea how to wear the things. Yes, we all know that we can tie them around our waists to create a skirt type thing but other than that, the majority of us are pretty much clueless when it comes to creating something interesting to wear over our swimsuits. Since we are in the midst of bathing suit season, we thought it was only appropriate to share with you our top finds on how you can tie a sarong to create 12+ wearable beach looks.

    Sarongs are great for traveling to the beach because they are easy to pack and you can create all kinds of different looks with just one piece of material. The options are really endless! Go from the beach to the restaurant bar by just tying a few quick knots. Watch the quick video below as they walk you through 12 ways to wear 1 sarong and then also take a peak to see a few more options to style a sarong in the photo below.



    Now that you are a sarong tying expert you will need a few more to add to your wardrobe. Shop the black sarong featured above and more by clicking here.

  • 5 Things Every Bride Must Have For Their Honeymoon

    Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming. So much time and energy goes into planning the perfect day for you and your guests that many times planning the honeymoon can be completely neglected. Finishing up last minute details and seat arrangements are usually all that is on your mind days before the wedding day, which means that many brides completely forget about packing for their honeymoon or leave it until the last minute. So instead of leaving your packing to the last minute, get ahead of the game and plan out what you will pack along on your new adventure as a married couple. That is why we have come up with 5 Things Every Bride Must Have for their honeymoon. We hope these tips help you focus on your special day instead of stressing about packing a last minute bag.

    1. A versatile Bikini Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.49.42 PM

    You should bring a few bikinis on your honeymoon but make sure to pack one that will be the star of the show. Since you are a blushing bride, you have to pack at least one white bikini and one that is a bandeau is even better. After all that wedding prep and getting a perfectly even tan, there is no use in ruining all of that hard work! We love this scalloped bandeau suit by Marysia. Perfect for your honeymoon escape!

    2. A Big Hat 

    Since you are going to be in the sun for much of the day, you will want to pack a large brimmed hat to protect your skin. Of course it is important to protect your entire body from the sun by applying sunscreen frequently but it is even more important to cover your face. No wrinkles on this newlywed! We love this floppy hat by Mellissa Odabash.

    3. A Cover-Up

    A great coverup is essential on any beach getaway but especially on your honeymoon. Since you will be living in your swimsuit, you just need a great coverup to get you from the beach to lunch and back to your room. We love a great romper like this one by Eberjey, and its super easy to pack!

    3. Pretty Sleepwear570144675_510_large

    It's your honeymoon, so you have to pack pretty sleepwear and lingerie. Leave the old pjs and sweats at home because this is your time to really play up the sex appeal. We love this pretty lacy gown in a baby blue because it isn't over the top but it's just sexy enough.

    5. Sexy Lingerie

    You just can't go on your honeymoon without packing along sexy lingerie. It's what honeymoon's were made of! Step outside of your comfort zone and pack something a little more risqué than usual. Something that will surprise your new hubby and make him super glad he married you! Try packing this lingerie set by L'Agent Provocateur.

    We wish you a lifetime of happiness and we hope you enjoy your honeymoon!


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