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  • Ask The Bra Lady: Jan/Feb Edition

    Love our Ask The Bra Lady section of our newsletter? Well if so, you will be happy to hear that we are now publishing these questions on our blog as well! And if you don't receive our newsletter, let us know so we can change but in the mean time you can find all of her helpful information right here on our blog.

    Q. I’d like to treat myself to a pretty bra and panty set but I wear a large cup size. Is it my imagination or is it that all the pretty, sexy bras are for smaller busted girls? All the bras I see in my size look like harnesses! I would love to find something that is not full coverage. Can you suggest something for an F or G cup girl?

    Alissa N.

    A. We carry many beautiful bras that fit your requirements. And Diamond from Prima Donna’s luxury collection sounds like just what you are looking for. This bra is a deep plunge style with invisible support. Both the bra and panty are crafted from  beautiful corsetry lace, satin ribbon and embellished with ultra-fine details. It is stylish, sensual, and sophisticated. You can’t help but to feel indulged in this set.

    PrimaDonna_Diamond_Black_04_low_resBra 32-44 C-H cups $155, Panty S-XXL $72.

    Q. I have a winter vacation planned to Antigua. I have always prided myself on a nice waistline but something has happened and my middle seems to have become thicker. What type of suit would you suggest for me?

    Kathy M.

    A. There are a number of swimsuit styles that would work for you. We always say you need to enhance the positive while detracting from the negative. A bandeau suit is a good choice as most of us have great shoulders and one’s eyes tend to go upwards naturally. This one from Karla Colletto called “Flounce” camouflages the middle with its cascading ruffle that optically reduces your waistline. With a hidden underwire, you get the bonus of added bust support.

    KarlaColletto_C2015_277000Available in black with moss, red or cobalt flounce in sizes 8-16 $276.

    We want to hear from YOU! Send your questions our way and we would be happy to answer them in our next issue of Ask The Bra Lady and here on our Ask The Bra Lady Blog.

  • New Year, New Resolutions

    happy_new_year_2_1920As we approach the new year ahead, we look back at the past 365 days and reflect on the good and the bad, what we achieved and what we strive to in the new year. There are many things that we were beyond grateful for in 2014; our loyal customers, family, friends, pets, and our health to name a few. And even though 2014 was a wonderful year, we only hope that the year upon us will be even better. We have laid out or resolutions and are ready to tackle them in 2015! We want to hear what your resolutions are! Share them in the comments below!

    Stay Fit and Committed to Health: Our health is so important to us and as we age it is even more important to stay active and to watch what we eat. This year we are looking to keep consistent and to add something new into our workout routine, to keep things fresh and new!

    Make Time For Me: Many times we work so hard focusing on our business and others around us that we forget to think about ourselves. This year we are going to take a little more “me” time and maybe even indulge in a spa appointment every now and then!

    Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family: This one is huge for us. Family is extremely important to us and we are committed to spending more quality time together in 2015. Whether it is a family trip somewhere or just chatting over coffee, this is something that we will be focusing on in the new year.

    Give Back: We are very blessed to have a roof over our heads, own a successful business and to have a happy and healthy family but many people are not as fortunate. It is important to us to give back to our community and to help others in need and in 2015 we look to do more of this kind of work. We do a lot of giving back through the store, so if you are interested in joining us please comment below so we can inform you when we do so.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!

    -The Sylene Team

  • The Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide

    Can you believe there are only 9 days left until Christmas and Hanukkah has already begun? Boy does time fly by! We are frantically finishing up our shopping and putting up last minute decorations and even though we are a bit rushed this year we love how the holidays bring our families and friends together.
    We have put together another gift guide to help out those last minute shoppers with clever ideas for the fitness enthusiast on your list.  With the new year fast approaching, we all map out our goals for the year to come and for most people fitness is high up on that list. If you or the person you are shopping for is like us and is promising to devote more time in the gym this year, well why don't you help them by giving them some fresh fitness gear! Check out our top fitness picks below:

    Fitness Gift Guide

    The Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide was created by Sylene
    We wish you happy holidays from the Sylene Team!
  • Girl On The Go - Gift Guide

    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.46.47 PM

    Have someone on your holiday shopping list that is extremely hard to shop for? Maybe she is a jet setter and constantly on the move or maybe she has it all and you are stumped with what to get her?  Well we are here to the rescue and have come up with 7 gift ideas that are perfect for the girl on the go!

    Girl On The Go - Gift Guide

    1. Cosmetic Travel Pouch: Every girl needs a cosmetic travel pouch, no matter how much she travels. This one perfect for the fashionista on your list and can be used makeup or any carry-on travel items. Any girl would love this gift!

    2. Travel Slippers: These slippers are super comfortable and will pack in a suitcase with ease. These can be worn at home too but we love how easy these pack along and are awesome to slip on for long flights as well!

    3. The Tee Shirt Bra: This is a bra that every girl needs, world traveler or not. It is super comfortable and perfect on international flights or long days of sight seeing. This is a must have bra for the girl on the go!

    4. Eye Masks: Eye masks are essential for anyone who does a decent amount of traveling. These have cute little sayings to choose from that will let the girl on your list doze off in style.

    5. Cozy Loungewear: Comfortable, packable clothing is key when traveling and this jacket by UGG is the ideal lightweight jacket to wear on a plane or to throw on when it gets chilly out. Extremely versatile!

    6. The Panty Pak: This is a fan favorite of ours and a genius invention. Everyone knows its a pain to keep the clean from the dirty separate while living out of a suitcase and this panty pak has brilliantly done all the dirty work for us! Every girl on the go needs one of these in her luggage arsenal!

    7. Hanky Panky Thongs: These thongs are comfortable, easy to pack and lightweight. Every woman loves them, so we can guarantee that any girl on your list would love a few of these in her stocking this year!

    Happy Shopping and check back with us next week for another gift guide as we count down the last days of holiday shopping! Also, please comment below if you are stumped with gift ideas, we are happy to help!



  • The New Mom Gift Guide

    Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.38.57 PM

    1. Rock A Bye Baby Eye Mask $26   2. Lafco Mini Candle Set  $85  3. Prince Bib $15   4. Trina Turk Mesh Crop Leggings  $84  5. Ugg Slippers $100   6. Mommy Robe $180

    Thanksgiving has come and gone and Hanukkah and Christmas will be knocking on our doors before we know it! If you haven't already started your holiday shopping, you better get to it! We will be sharing a holiday gift guide with you each week until Christmas and first up we have a guide for all those new mommies out there that deserve some pampering.

    1. Rock-A-Bye-Baby Sleep Mask- As we all know a new mom doesn't always get the amount of shut eye she needs or deserves, so when she is able to catch a few z’s let her do it in style and in peace.
    2. Lafco Candle Set- Give her the gift of a spa like atmosphere. Aromatherapy can transport her to a zen like place and after a stressful day with a squealing little one, all she will want is to light a nice candle, draw a hot bubble bath and pour a glass of red wine. Include the bubble bath and red wine for extra brownie points!
    3. Prince Bib- A new mom will always appreciate new bibs around the house and how cute is this one for the little prince in her life!?
    4. Work-Out Pants- Everyone needs a little “me” time and new moms are no exception to this! Give her a cute pair of workout pants, a pass to her favorite yoga or barre class and offer to watch the little one while she gets her workout on. We promise she will thank you for this gift!
    5. Ugg Slippers- These cozy slippers are perfect for the new mom that is constantly cleaning up or chasing after her precious little one. They are the only shoe you need when inside your home!
    6. Luxe Mommy Robe- This gift would go nicely with the candle set mentioned earlier. After the nice long bubble bath, give her the gift of a cuddly robe to snuggle up in during her relaxing at home spa night.

    We promise these gift ideas will be a huge hit with the new mommy in your life. Be sure to check back with us over the next few weeks as we roll out other unique gift guides for the ladies in your life that mean the most! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

  • Giving Thanks


    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while we prep our homes and tables for this special day we are reminded why we cherish this holiday so much.  We of course love Thanksgiving for the obvious reason most people do: the copious amount of pumpkin pie, turkey and of course football but there is really so much more to this holiday then just these mainstays.

    Many of us get so carried away with the cooking and decorating that we have forgotten what this holiday is really all about. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for everything we have in out  lives and a time to share kindness, thankfulness and appreciation with those we care about most. This year we are making a point to pay homage to the true meaning of Thanksgiving and to give thanks to those in our lives that we love, cherish, and who have helped us become who we are today.

    Please read below as we share what we are thankful for this year:

    I am thankful for all the friends we have made over the years while helping all these wonderful women look and feel their best. I love sharing in their triumphs and their trying times and appreciate being able to be a part of their lives. -Cyla


    I am thankful to have two beautiful grand-daughters and for my sister/best friend. -Helen


    I am thankful for my healthy and happy baby girl, my family and my friends at Sylene! -Alex


    I am thankful for good health, great friends and being able to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family, including my husband, two children and both my parents. - Carol


    This is my son and my nephews. We are thankful for good health, and happiness. We are thankful for the year. - Elsa


    We thank you so much for your business, your support and for friendship over the years. We truly would not be here without the support of each and every one of you.  This year we encourage you to share what you are thankful for with your family and friends as you gather around the table for dinner.  And make sure not to get caught up in the stress of the day, to take a step back, look around and give thanks for the special moments you are able to share with your family and friends.

    Many Thanks,

    The Sylene Team

  • The Boudoir Shoot: The Gift Every Man Will Love


    photo cred (sourced)

    Have you ever been totally stumped when trying to find your partner the perfect gift around the holidays? We know we have! Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays happen annually and still whenever one comes upon us we still have absolutely no idea what to buy! This year we thought we would start the hunt early and when we started browsing for unique gift ideas, it wasn't long before we realized that maybe our husbands didn't want another beer mug set or striped golf shirt but rather something a bit more personal and something that truly is from YOU.


    photo cred (sourced)

    It was then that we came across the Boudoir Shoot.  Boudoir photography has been around forever but it wasn't until recently that it really began gaining mainstream popularity. Boudoir shoots are usually composed of a model wearing little to no clothing  posed in flattering positions to show the model's best attributes.  Don't get us wrong, these pictures are meant to be sexy but we want to assure you that they are usually far from X-rated.  And seeing as you have full control over what you wear and how you pose, you really can make sure that your personality shines through. The main focus of a boudoir photographer is to capture you in the most flattering way by guiding you through the poses that compliment your body type best.  We have seen many new brides planning Boudoir shoots for their husbands as wedding gifts but have also found that many women are doing them for anniversaries, birthdays or just because!  Whether you are a newly-wed or have been married for 20 + years this is something that you and your partner will look back on and cherish.


    photo credit (sourced)

    So you have the perfect gift idea, now it's time to make it happen.  Start by searching for a local photographer online that specializes in Boudoir Photography and produces images that you love, recommendations from friends are even better.  It is super important that you feel 100% comfortable with your photographer, so don't be afraid to be picky when making your selection. If you are still nervous, it doesn't hurt to bring a friend along to help calm your nerves.

    Next up is our favorite part, picking out the lingerie! This is a time to get creative with your lingerie and don't be afraid to try something that you haven't before. All that really matters is that you feel beautiful in it.  We have so many pretty and sexy options to choose from in our store, there really is something for everyone and every body type. We are experts in this category, so come in to our store and let us do all the work. We promise to help you find something that is perfect for your body that you will feel absolutely amazing in.


    photo cred (sourced)

    After the shoot is complete, make sure you put together a special book with all of your favorite images from the shoot.  This is sure to be a gift your partner will certainly not forget!

    Schedule your Boudoir Fitting at Sylene Today!

    (301) 654-4200

  • Lingerie Inspired Halloween Costumes

    Who says you have to go out on Halloween? While many people dress up and hit the crowded streets in search of baskets full of candy corns and kit-kats, why not stay in with your "boo" and have a romantic night in?  Surprise your significant other with a spooky themed meal and cocktails and end the night with a few treats of your own.  We came up with three creatively-sexy looks that will take you from the dining room to the bedroom that are sure to impress.  Just make sure to plan accordingly and schedule your special night to begin after your trick-or-treaters have made their rounds.  Or turn off the outdoor lights for the night because you won't want to encounter any unwelcome guests during your wickedly romantic night!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.26.14 PM

    This costume is sure to chill your partner to the bone! Grab a face paint set at your local party store, a good paint brush and get creative!  We paired this lace bustier top and panty with a leather skinny pant for a bad to the bone look. Just throw on a cardigan wrap if unexpected guests end up dropping by.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.48.58 PM

    Move out of the way Jessica Rabbit, there is a new bunny in town!  We love this updated, more refined halloween costume.  Throw on our lacey bra, panty hose, your favorite mini skirt, boots and of course you can't forget the lace ears to pull the entire look together.  Risque Rabbit is sure to be a hit with your fellow.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.10.29 AM

    Wow your hunny with a classic Pin-Up girl costume! Throw your hair in big curlers, paint on a rich red lip, accentuate your waist with our textured bustier top, thigh highs and your favorite pair of sexy heels.  Dig up an old ruffled skirt from the back of your closet or head to  your local thrift store for one and modify it a bit to help pull this look together.  Bettie Page will have nothing on you!

    Whether you go out or stay in, Halloween is all about having a little fun. So don't be afraid to be adventurous and let loose a bit!  We want to hear from you which costume of ours is your favorite and what are you dressing up as for Halloween?

  • Breast Cancer Survivor Story: Meet Oatsie

    Oatsie Charles, 94

    Legendary Washington, DC hostess and Newport, RI socialite


    I had a radical mastectomy when I was just 36. I was divorced and the mother of a young daughter. It was 1956, and in those days, you didn't say you had cancer. It was like saying you had syphilis.

    When I found my lump, I never thought of getting a second opinion. I didn't even know where to go for one. So I opted to have surgery and went to Dr. John Lyons, who performed my surgery at the old Emergency Hospital here in Washington. He removed the lump but had found that the cancer had spread to the breast area and continued to do a radical mastectomy.  I knew I was having this surgery to remove something--I just didn't know how much.  But I had total confidence in my doctors and if they said it had to be done, it had to be done.

    I woke up 2 days after surgery and my room was filled with daffodils. I remember feeling a presence behind me who told me to just be calm. I also remember not wanting to feel sorry for myself--that if all I thought I had to offer someone in life were my 2 droopy boobs, I had better knock off that kind of thinking right away. One day, a nurse stood me up in front of the mirror and said, "No one is ever going to look at you again". So I told her, "Don't count on it".

    I used to think about my cancer occasionally, especially in the first few years after the surgery. But then I told myself there is too much in life that goes on. Too many exciting people to meet. I had to just get on with it. My friends were all very supportive. I was always very open with people about my cancer, and would talk about it with anyone who asked. I also never made a big deal about it with my daughter Victoria. I would walk around the house naked and obviously my daughter saw that my body was different, but that it was perfectly okay.

    My advice to women battling breast cancer today is to keep active and keep moving. You have to accept that it has happened, and then treat it like it's one more thing in life to deal with -- and hope to God that it doesn't come back. But don't become too emotionally transfixed by it. It's disagreeable, but not difficult. I don't mean to sound cavalier, but its not the end of the world. Make up your mind to accept it, hold your head up high and your stomach in, and go on with life. - Written by Oatsie Charles

    Oatsie tells such a moving and empowering story. She is such a strong woman and I have been so lucky to know her.  Are you a survivor like Oatise? Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it! Comment below or email your story here


  • Scandal Style

        Thursday is a day we anticipate for many reasons. Not only do we look forward to it because the end of the week is nearing but more importantly because our favorite show comes on, Scandal!! When Thursday night around 8pm rolls around we shut down the lap tops, pour ourselves a tall glass of red wine, pop some corn and turn the channel to ABC to watch this much anticipated show.  We love watching Scandal for the many obvious reasons most people tune in (is she falling for Fitz again? Or has she moved on to Jake Ballard?) but we are always dying to see what Olivia Pope is wearing! She is always so chic and put together even when she is solving a national crisis and/or government conspiracy.  We pulled together a few of Olivia's staple looks to show how you can achieve this 'Gladiator's' look at home!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.05.45 AM

    This is a classic Olivia Pope at home look. You know she has to look good even when lounging around because she never knows when the President might just pop in.  Most nights after a long day you can find her with a glass of red wine, her standard dinner of popcorn and lounging on the couch in a white ensemble.  
    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.43.36 PM

    Cassandra Classic Pant by Eberjey and Slippers by Ugg Australia.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.54.36 AM

    When is Olivia ever not taking care of business? She has been fixing problems and handling situations since 2012, so why would she stop now? She is always dressed to the nines for business and for leisure but when frequenting the White House as much as she does she has to look her best.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.08.39 PM

    Natori Silk Cami, Deos Earbuds in Silver and Marie Jo Bra.


    As you can imagine with a job like Olivia's, she has one too many sleepless nights but at least she looks fabulous while she suffers of insomnia!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.33.35 PM

    Natori Loungewear, Penthouse Candle by Lafco, Cosabella Thong and Ugg Fluff Flip Flop

    We want to know how you watch Scandal and which look is your favorite! Please comment below as we would love to hear from you!

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