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  • Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

    Alright ladies, swimsuit season is here - whether we like it or not. We know swimsuit shopping can be uncomfortable for anyone, no matter what your body looks like. We all have our insecurities and have areas that we want to hide more than others. But wouldn't it feel great if you were able to shop this swimsuit season and find a suit that made you look and feel amazing? That is why we have selected suits for each body type, so when you go shopping you will know exactly what will suit you best (pun intended). Arm yourself with these tricks, and you'll be able to stroll poolside with confidence.

    Small Chest









    If you are smaller on top than you would like, we recommend selecting a suit with ruffles, bold prints and splashes of color.  The best thing you can do to create the illusion of volume is to distract from what is there currently. Simple, solid suits draw attention straight to the area but bold prints keep eyes moving. Deep V-neck suits are also great for helping create killer cleavage and look super chic on women with small breasts.

    Large Chest







    If you have a large bust, look for a bathing suit with plenty of support. Choosing a suit with wide straps, an underwire and boning will help lift your chest. Also look out for details like high armpits and necklines or halter straps with wide bands to help support the girls. Steer clear of skimpy styles that lack structure.

    Athletic Figure







    The struggle with an athletic frame is the lack of curves, so it is important to find suits that will help create the illusion of killer curves.  This is easily done with added padding, suits with gathering and halter top styles. Tankinis are great to show a sliver of skin to break up a straight frame and also sweet-heart necklines and string bikinis also are perfect for athletic type bodies.  Try to avoid bandeau tops and boy-shorts, these styles will make your shape look more boyish than curvy.

    Love Handles and Large Middle











    We weren't all blessed with 6-pack abs and we may not all feel confident in a bikini. Love handles are something that most of us struggle with but fighting the bulge is much easier than you may thing. There are so many suits now that combat that extra tummy flab and will make you look tight and toned in no time. We love the Miracle suit for people that are looking to disguise their middle. These suits hold you in and give the illusion of whittled waist. The crisscrossing of gathered fabric camouflage tummy issues as well. If you are looking to try a bikini, go for a high-waisted style to prevent muffin top. Plus, high-waisted bottoms are super chic right now!

    Burn Easily





    If you have extremely fair skin and have to limit your sun exposure we have a great new option for you!  If you want to catch some rays but you don’t want to look like lobster after a day at the beach then a rash-guard suit is for you. There are so many suits out that have rash guard options that are super cute and will help protect you from that nasty burn. The long-sleeved tops aren’t just for serious surfers anymore, they come in a variety of stylish cuts and styles and we think that this will be a trend that we will continue to see.

    Now that you know which suit will suit you best, its time to get shopping. Shop these looks above or come into our store and we will you find the perfect suit for your shape. We hope to see you soon!

  • Get Your Body Bikini Ready With Our Favorite Workout Fitness Girls

    Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.28.08 AM

    We have already started the countdown until summer and we can't wait to break out the swimwear! With pools opening in just a few short weeks, it's time to get our bodies ready for the much anticipated bikini season. Of course we know you will look amazing in your new bikinis this summer but nothing is more beautiful than a woman that feels confident in her own skin.

    If you are looking for some inspiration to get your booty into shape before the pools open, then take our advice and tune into the Tone It Up youtube channel. These fit ladies have an amazing series of workouts that will help you get bikini ready by summer time.  Check out the first video of their bikini series below and be sure to follow along for tips all summer long.

    To go along with your newly toned body, you will need a few stylish bikinis to show off all of your hard work. Here are a few of our favorite bikinis this season that will pair perfectly with those rock hard abs!

    Get Your Body Bikini Ready With Our Favorite Workout Fitness Girls

    Now that you have burned those calories, its time to reward yourself with a few gorgeous bikinis for that hot new bod. Shop our favorite bikinis of the season below:








    Shop the looks above or head into our store for a custom fitting to help ensure you select the perfect suit for your body. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mother's Day is this weekend and there is still time to find her the perfect gift! After all that our mothers have done for us over the years, the least we can do is spoil them once a year. We have curated a selection of thoughtful gifts that we are sure your mom would love.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.24.01 PM1. Ipanema Mosaic Flip Flops $35: Your mom will look so stylish in these flops this summer! They are comfortable, flexible and perfect for packing.

    2. Stephanie Johnson Makeup Case $35: Every woman needs a place to house all of her beauty products. This rainbow case by Stephanie Johnson, not only holds a ton of makeup and packs perfectly in your tote, it is also super cute!

    3. Oh La La Bra $121: Spoil your mom with a brand new beautiful bra this Mother's Day, we promise she will thank you. We love this one by Prima Donna Twist because it is cute as can be and also runs from a size B to an E cup.

    4. Oh La La Panties $44: If you are going to spring for the bra, you might as well give her the matching set. These briefs are comfortable and lay flat, so you won't see any panty lines.

    5. Miami Carry All $80: Mom will love this oversized carry-all from Stephanie Johnson! It is designed to accommodate everything you need for a day at the beach, the pool, the gym or the spa!

    6. Karla Colletto Two-Toned Flounce Suit $317: Every mom deserves a stylish new suit for summer time and this is the perfect opportunity to give her something absolutely fabulous. She will feel confident and incredibly chic in this flounce suit by local designer, Karla Coletto!

    7. Natori Ombre Gown $150: Your mom will look stunning in this beautiful gown from Natori in ocean shades of blues and whites that blend into one another. Perfect for an elegant sleep gown and can also double up as a pool cover up too.

    No matter how you decide to spoil your mom this Mother's Day, whether it's with one of these beautiful gifts or simply by sending her a card. Just be sure to let her know how much she means to you. Wishing you all a happy Mother's Day!





  • Ask The Bra Lady- Spring Edition

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.23.38 PM

    Q. I am a 38DD and have a problem finding a bra with straps that are narrowly set to wear with sleeveless tops and dresses. The straps on all my bras are set too wide apart and I hate the look of bra straps that show. I could always wear a strapless bra, but it is not comfortable for all day. A t-back bra would solve this issue, but I haven’t found a good one made in my size. Does anyone make a great bra in my size that will solve this issue?

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.23.07 PM

    A. Le Mystere has just come out with the Sophia Lace T-back bra. This bra is available in sizes 32 to 40, B through G cup. With cups made of smooth microfiber and a pretty lace back, this disappears under your clothing. With the use of a j hook, its straps can be converted to racerback so your straps will never show. This bra is a winner at $65.

    -Jenn F.

    Q. I have always been thin and not at all curvy. However, every so often I would like to sport some curves. I have mastered my top but would really like to enhance my rear without gaining 20 pounds, performing extreme workouts or opting for cosmetic surgery. Is there a padded bottom that you recommend?


    A. Padded panties are a hot item right now made popular by our celebrity culture. We like these panties made by Fashion Forms. This natural looking seamless padded panty is pre-shaped with contour foam to resemble a curvaceous bottom and will give you the perky, lifted, and round butt you desire. Seamless Buty Panty S-XL $28


    -Jill M.

    Have a question for the Bra Lady? Please email and we would love to answer your question next!

  • 4 Bras That Will Create Lust Worthy Cleavage under $100

    Bra CollageWho needs implants when we have the technology and where with all to create lust worthy cleavage sans scalpel. Over the years we have seen more and more celebrities getting breast enhancements and it has trickled down to much of the main-stream population as well. Sure, we all want perfect boobs but what if we told you that you didn't have to go through all of the pain, recovery time and loss of cash to achieve a very similar look? If we didn't have your attention before, we can only assume we have it now. We have rounded up 4 bras that will create lust worthy cleavage in seconds and it's just icing on the cake that your new rack will cost you under $100..




    This sexy low-cut, cleavage enhancing push-up bra is made by one of our top French designers, Chantelle. The bra is made of a soft knit fabric that is smooth against your skin and the padded cups provide a seamless look under your clothes. We love that this bra has convertible straps that can be worn conventionally or criss-crossed in the back for an even greater cleavage boost. This bra creates a lift unlike many other push-up bras out there, so if you are looking to get the most cleavage possible out of your bra, then this is the one for you.



    OnGossamer's Mesh Bump It Up Push-Up Bra is seamless and has a graduated bump pad that creates natural looking cleavage. The delicate bra features a knot in the center that can be twisted even more too add additional jaw-dropping cleavage. The delicate mesh fabrication and nude tone makes it invisible under clothing, which is also a plus. This would be a great everyday push-up bra.

    3. LZ BRAS UP FREE $86.00


    Have a top or dress with an extremely low neckline and still want killer cleavage? If your answer is yes, then we have found the bra for you! This is the latest thing from Brazil and thanks to silica gel technology, the LZ Up Free bra provides incredible support and fabulous cleavage for extremely low necklines. This bra pushes your breasts together, lifting and enhancing round or deep cleavage.  The straps are also convertible, so you can wear this bra in multiple ways and with a long list of low-cut dresses!

    4. NATORI RISQUE BRA $58.00


    This easy fit bra from Natori in a perfect combination of push-up and all day comfort. It gives you just enough boost for your day to day activities, we like to all this your "everyday push-up bra". The sexy sheen is paired with delicate mesh to provide signature softness and a forgiving fit. The bra sports a graduated bump to enhance your curves for an extremely natural shape. If you aren't looking for extreme cleavage but prefer more of a natural look, then this is your bra.

    Order your new push-up bra online today or visit our Chevy Chase location for a specialized bra fitting. We have many more push-up options in our store and it is our passion to help you find the perfect fit. So come pay us a visit, we promise it will be an "uplifting experience"!


  • Trend Alert- Athleisure


    Ditch the skinny jeans, there’s a new comfortable trend in town that is taking center stage. Blame it on Beyonce for making us swoon over her laid back look in her latest video or on Alexander Wang for making his sporty looks appear so enticing when the models walked the runway last fall. Regardless who is to blame, Athleisure is a thing and it seems like it is here to stay.

    Activewear used to consist of old gym-shorts and your oldest torn tee-shirt you could find, now athletic-wear has taken on a whole new meaning. People are more focused on their health now than ever before. And they are not only paying attention to what they are eating and how they are treating their bodies but also paying close attention to what they are wearing to the gym. Just last year we saw a significant increase from female shoppers, spending 8% more on activewear than the previous year. athle2

    Since people are paying so much attention to what they are wearing to and from the gym, designers are finally taking notice and are trying to keep up with the demand.  There are so many options now for attractive and elevated activewear that we are seeing it more and more in our day-to-day dress. Fifteen years ago we would be horrified if we saw one of our friends when leaving the gym, now athletic wear is so fashionable and functional that you could meet a friend for lunch right after you leave your sweat sesh!

    Love it or hate it,  the Athleisure is a trend is a game changer. Whether you are an athlete or a stay at home more, the combination of athletic inspired pieces and leisurewear create the ultimate look for someone that is living an active lifestyle. We love that the trend blends both fashion and comfort and is perfect for a mom on-the-go or a teen hanging out with friends. Regardless who you are or what you do, we promise you will be living in those sneakers, your fancy new yoga tights and that cashmere wrap before your know it.

    Trend Alert- Athleisure














  • 5 Things Every Bride To Be Needs Before The Big Day

    Spring is here and the wedding bells have already started ringing! It's wedding season! Wedding season is one of our favorite times of the year because we are able to help so many gorgeous brides get ready for their big day. It is truly an honor to be a small part of helping a bride and her wedding party prepare for such a special and life altering event.  Being in the business for over 40 years now, we have learned a thing or two about prepping brides for their wedding day. We have put together a list of 5 Things Every Bride To Be Needs Before The Big Day because nothing is worse than a stressed out bride!

    Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.00.28 AM


    1. Bridal Robe: Every bride needs a pretty robe to get ready in on her wedding day. If you are a bridesmaid or attending the bride's shower, a cute robe makes an excellent gift that is both memorable and she will use again. We love the delicate bridal robe pictured by Eberjey but we also carry a wide variety of robes that is sure to suit your bride to be!

    2. Something Blue: You can't forget about the age old wedding traditions that have been passed down generation after generation. We love the something borrowed and something blue tradition and suggest that every bride puts her own special touch on this fun bridal past time. Wearing blue panties under your gown is a fun way to wear the color without showing it off to your guests. For the Groom's eyes only! We love this pair of blue detailed panties by Eberjey.

    3. Garter: If you plan to do the garter toss or not, it is still fun to wear a lacey garter under your dress. They are so feminine and whimsical and come in a wide variety of styles and colors, the options are truly endless. A garter can also can make a wonderful bridal shower gift from a bridesmaid, close friend or sister. We love this one by Hanky Panky.

    4. Bustier: Selecting a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you will make before you wedding day, well that is other than selecting the groom. It is also just as important to ensure that you have the correct undergarments to wear under your gorgeous dress. Time and time again brides overlook the importance of the bra or bustier they wear under their dress and then spend the entire day fidgeting and yanking their dress up. Don't be like one of these brides and make sure you get fitted for specialty bridal undergarments at your local lingerie store. They will help assist you in finding a bra or bustier that will fit perfectly underneath. Once you have selected your bra, you might want to look into having your bra sewn into your dress. This will prevent any bra straps or sides showing. This bustier is ultra slimming and our top bridal seller and we would be happy to fit you if you live in the DMV area.

    5. Special Shoes: Even though your dress may be floor length, you most certainly can not forget about the shoes! If you plan to have a photographer capture photos on your wedding day, then you can bet that your wedding shoes will be photographed at least once. So make sure you love them! And our wedding day is the perfect time to splurge on that pair of designer shoes you have been eyeing for years. So be sure to save up and buy the shoes! We loves these classic pumps by Jimmy Choo and these fun heels by Charlotte Olympia. You can also personalize your shoes with these special "I Do" crystals on the bottom of your shoes for your special day.

  • Say Bye Bye To Visible Panty Lines

    First impressions are everything. You meet someone for the first time and you want to leave them with the best possible idea of who you are. So why would you ruin that completely when turn around and all your new acquaintance can see is a horrible case of VPLs (visible panty lines)? How do you get rid of Visible Panty Lines? We have been asked this question more times than we can count, so we have come up with 6 simple steps to Say Bye Bye to Visible Panty Lines:


    1. First Understand What Causes VPLs: Visible Panty Lines appear when your bottom intersects with the tight elastic of your panties. When the two meet they create unsightly indents and give your gorgeous behind an extremely unflattering appearance. The cut and construction of your panties are the two most important variables when determining if your undergarments are going to show. Also, you have to make sure that your underwear fits you correctly. If they are too small or too big, you can bet your panty lines will be visible. Remember that not all garments are created equal and same goes with our skivvies. Make sure to have your clothing in mind when you select your underwear for the day. Also remember your mirror is your friend. Make sure you give yourself a VPL check before you leave the house and if you can see panty lines showing, so can everyone else. You might want to consider changing.TC Intimates 4144
    2. Shapewear: Shapewear such as Spanx have become increasingly popular over the past few years and we know why. They help slim, smooth and tighten and can be worn by any body type. Shapewear is perfect to wear under body hugging dresses, skirts or jumpsuits that are difficult to find underwear for and on the plus side, you will look even slimmer while eliminating those VPLs all together! The only downside is that they can feel uncomfortable if you aren't used to wearing shapewear. So make sure you try it out at home before you wear to an important event.6j1661-eve-18267-c_16184
    3. Thongs: Thongs sit on the body above where most clothing tends to cling to the rump, making thongs perfect, in most cases, when trying to avoid panty lines. Do beware when you are wearing tight dresses, though. In this case, you may want to opt for a seamless thong with a wider band to avoid any love handle bulge. Also, don't forget about the color of your thong. When you are wearing white, be sure to wear a nude or skin-tone thong and when you wear black, make sure to opt for a dark hue.Commando panties
    4. Seamless:  Typically, laser-cut panties are designed with only one ply of fabric and use no elastic or thread, therefore creating a panty with very little bulk. We all know that cotton underwear is best for our health, but we also know that they can cause unsightly panty lines, too. Save the cotton for bedtime and while you are home on the weekends, but when you are heading out, consider a style that is seamless and will smooth you out.jennifer_lopez_1
    5. Commando: If you are wearing a skin tight dress and you have tried all of the options above and your panties are still showing, then now is the time that you might have to consider going commando. Of course, we don't recommend this, but there are certain cases that no matter what you wear underneath, it is going to show. So in this circumstance, there may not be any other option if you are dead set on wearing the curve hugging garment. Just make sure to be aware when you are maneuvering throughout the night you don't want to pull the infamous “Britney”.lemystere dos nu
    6. Say no to VBLs too: Now that we have solved the panty line problem, we can’t forget about the unsightly bra bulges as well! If you have excess skin that peaks out above your bra on your back or sides, no worries.This is normal but also completely easy to fix. Look for a bra with a wider band that will help smooth out your sides and give you that flawless look that every woman is looking to achieve.
  • Lingerie Trends for Spring 2015

    Now that we have done our spring cleaning and we have made room for new and fresh spring styles, it is time for the fun part - SHOPPING! Now matter how old we get, shopping is still as thrilling now, as it was when we were prom dress shopping at 17. This spring, there are so many fun new trends in fashion and in lingerie and we are here to share them all with you.

    Lingerie Trends For Spring 2015


    Pretty in Pastel: Master spring's easy elegance with soft pastel shades in both your wardrobe and in your lingerie drawer. Whimsical colors mixed with delicate lace details create the ultimate girly combination. - Model Wearing: Heidi Countour Balconnet Bra - $62


    Detailed Bras: These detailed bras are so eye-catching that you will want to show them off. This trend may not be for everyone but if you are willing to take the risk, we promise there will be a high reward. Of course you can still wear these bras under your clothing, without showing the entire world but we do love that this trend is catching on and we hope to see much more of it as the temperatures warm up. - Model Wearing:


    Femme Florals: Botanical prints are sure to be a hot commodity this spring in home, fashion and in lingerie. We love everything about this romantic inspired trend and think that your wardrobe will be sure to flourish with the addition of flower printed bras and panties. - Model Wearing: Marie Jo Axelle T-Shirt Bra - $137


    Strawberry Ice: Pantone selected this tasteful and tasty color amongst its top 10 colors for Spring of 2015 so we are sure that we will be seeing much more of it this coming season. Strawberry Ice is an updated version of her younger sister pink but the feeling is much more updated and refined. Infuse your underpinnings with some fruity shades and we promise you will be tickled pink! - Model Wearing: Mari Jo Avero Countour Pluge Bra - $120

    There are so many reasons to look forward to the start of spring! When you are ready to to update your lingerie colors this season be sure to drop into Sylene so that we can help you find a color and style that suits you best. And don't forget about our Spring Cleaning Bra and Panty Trade in Event! Trade in your gently used bras for $5 off a new bra purchase and trade in your panties for $2.50 off the purchase of a new pair of panties!

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.36.14 PM


  • Spring Cleaning: Cleansing Your Lingerie Drawer

    Spring Cleaning: Cleansing Your Lingerie Drawer

    2755 Sculptural Strapless

    The weather is warming up and we finally have some extra daylight, which are all signs that point to spring being on its way! After enduring the most dreadful winter ever, we are ready to welcome all the things that come along with this bright and cheery season. And much like how you clean out your closet at the beginning of each season, we think your lingerie drawer should get the same spring cleaning treatment.

    We can all probably agree that there are some things at the bottom of our lingerie drawers that need to be tossed and are borderline questionable. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on how you can clean up your lingerie act in these simple steps.

    Commando panties

    Dump Your Drawer: First you have to see what you are working with, so dump your bra and panty drawer on your floor and start creating piles. Create groups of things you love, things you haven't worn in over a year and things you absolutely hate. Having these three piles will help you start paving the path towards total lingerie organization.

    Love: With the items you love, make sure that you look through them carefully to ensure that your favorite pieces are still in good condition. If they are starting to wear out, make a note of the style and brand so that you can re-purchase your most loved items. Keep the items in great condition and place them back in your drawer.

    No Love: Start going through your pile of items that you haven't touched in a while. Go through each item, one by one and ask yourself why you haven't worn it in over a year. If the bra is old and worn out, toss it. If the straps are worn and the cups are misshapen, throw it out. If it doesn't fit you properly, get rid of it. If there are pieces that you have held onto because they are pretty but not as functional, it’s ok to hold on to them.

    Hate It: If you hate a certain pair of underwear and cringe when you look at them, it is probably safe to say that you can get rid of this item. And if you feel this way about it, there is a good chance others will feel the same way. Place these items into the get rid of pile.

    Donate or Toss: Go through the items that you are ready to part with and sort these pieces into  “Donate” and “Toss” piles. Bras that can be donated should be in good condition, no one wants your old beat up and worn out bra. Also there is no need to donate old briefs with holes in them, those you can toss as well. There are many different places you can donate your bras, including Sylene, in exchange for some killer discounts. Starting today through April 7th, we are offering $5 off the purchase of a new bra with trade in and $2.50 off the purchase of a new panty with trade in.

    Organize: With the items you plan to keep, place them back in your drawer in an organized fashion. Make sure that your bras are stacked in a way that they are not disturbing the form and structure of the bra. If they don't all fit, maybe look into a different storage solution to house your undergarments. We promise keeping them in an orderly fashion will extend the life of your bras. Now you will also have room to add new spring styles into your wardrobe!

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.36.14 PM

    Be sure to head into Sylene with your gently used bras for discounts on brand new ones! All bras will be donated to the women of Interfaith Works.


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