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  • Lingerie Showers

    Wedding season is starting up and before the couples' big day, comes the wedding shower! To help you prepare for the party of the year, we at Sylene put together some ideas to incorporate new lingerie for the bride. Lingerie showers are fun for the bride, but they are also a perfect way to get to know the other bridesmaids and break the ice before the big day!

    This first game is a bridal shower classic. On the invitation, ask each guest to bring a pair of panties that represents themselves or their relationship with the bride. As each guest arrives, pin their panties to a clothes line. The collection of lingerie will add a cute flair to the party decor! After a couple glasses of champagne, have the bride guess who brought each pair. As each pair is selected, the guests can share their funniest or craziest memories with the bride.


    If the bride has a lot of friends or family who can't make it to the shower, a Panty Piñata is a great way to let long distance friends send their love. When you send out your invitations, include a request for anybody who is unable to attend to mail a pair of panties to the host with a signed note attached. You can find all kinds of pull-string piñatas on amazon like this cupcake one! On the day of the party, fill your piñata with the brides' new undergarments and candy or chocolates she likes. The bride will love to feel as if all of her friends are present when she sees all the panties and notes!

    If you throw a bridal shower with grandmothers or the bride's soon-to-be Mother in Law in attendance, lingerie games can get uncomfortable. Using "Linens and Lace" as an alternative theme allows family to opt for sheets or towels without fully excluding lingerie gifts from your girlfriends.

    This next idea has to be is one of the most clever gifts for a bridal shower! The idea is to write a poem that goes with an assortment of panties. Below is the original 'Panty Poem', but feel free to write something original that will be specific to the bride! Attach a notecard with a couple of lines that goes with each pair. You should include a pair in her wedding color, a red pair, white, frilly, animal print, black, pink, floral...etc. The bride will love this gift because she is now fully stocked for her honeymoon!

    The bridesmaids have a secret to share about our little bride / She is obsessed with underwear and that we cannot hide. So for our little panty queen we gathered up some twine and working as a friendly team we made a panty line. (Bride's name) these undies are to last you all throughout your life and (groom's name) will be pleased to say he has a sexy wife! So listen up to hear about your lifelong panty plan. These underwear, we have no doubt, will last your whole life span! The first are for your wedding day, of course they are pure white. We know (groom's name) will shout, "Hooray!" when he sees you on that night. The next are for your honeymoon, they're sexy and all lace. We hope you'll leave your hotel room, 'cause (honeymoon destination)'s a gorgeous place! On Valentine's you'll wear this pair before you hit the bed, 'cause Cupid's arrow in the air shoots tushies that are red. After a year has passed you'll face anniversary number one. With these you'll surely have a blast 'cause leopard's so much fun! Then when the time is right for you and don't be saying, "Maybe". You'll wear your little pink or blue in honor of your baby. And when your years of wedding bliss become the big 2-5, don't worry - you'll just slip this on to keep the sparks alive. When finally you're old and gray, with these you can't go wrong - 'cause sorry (Bride's name) but at that age, you just can't wear a thong!

    Sylene Gift Suggestions:


    Eberyjey Teddy

    L'Agent 'Grace Trixie Thong'

    Hanky Panky 'Mrs'

  • Shop: Spring Break

    I think it is safe to say spring (and spring break) is finally upon us! The best way to celebrate the end of winter, without a doubt, is a trip to a sandy beach with a bottomless cocktail in hand.

    To get you excited for your week long escape, Sylene is giving away a pair of $50 gift cards, for you and a friend to use in our swim shop. Details for the giveaway are on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Win or lose, one thing is for certain, Sylene has some beautiful suits ready for you to take along with you on your getaway!

    While on the topic of getting away, our friend Sarah from Fifty Two Thursdays just got back from a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. After living vicariously through her for a week, we are dying to soak up some sun. Below you will find photos from paradise. Get inspired, buy a ticket, and shop her looks in our store!


    Karla Colletto - Denim Tank Suit

    Karla Colletto - Denim Tank Suit

    Karla Colletto - Denim Tank SuitVieques

    Manuel Canovas - Savanna

    Manuel Canovas - AndyManuel Canovas - AndyVieques Sunset

    Time to face the facts, it is officially CRUNCH TIME to find the perfect suit for Spring Break or your upcoming beach trip. Sylene has this seasons hottest looks ready for the sun!  In addition to Sarah's looks Puerto Rico, we selected 3 more great looks in white from one of our favorite swimwear designers Melissa Odabash!


  • Valentine's Day Negligees and Nightcaps

    With the weekend for lovers fast approaching, it is crunch time to add some Valentine's Day Negligees to your wardrobe or wish list! We thought we would share some cocktail recipes for you to sip on while slipping into something special.

    Below are some of our favorite looks for Lingerie Day A.K.A. Valentine's Day! Stop in this week (or send your loved one in) to pick up something to lounge in. 


    Lingerie Lust: Stella McCartney Georgia Glowing Bodysuit



    Lingerie Lust: Else Baklava


    Lingerie Lust: L'Agent Estella Basque

  • Packing for a Winter Getaway

    Snow bunnies!

    You're in luck because the ladies at Sylene have put together a list of what you should bring along with you on your next snowy getaway.


    When packing for a winter getaway it's important to make the most of your suitcase space. The easiest way to cut down on the bulk is bringing pieces you can layer. One staple piece that we could never vacation without is an oversized cardigan. Sylene is a huge fan of Beyond Yoga's Origami Cardigan. The short sleeves allow you to expose brightly colored or patterned sleeves underneath and the oversized pockets give this sweater a particularly cozy vibe- we can't get enough! Another way to incorporate layering on your ski trip is by bringing thermal pajamas. Thermal pajamas double as your first layer when getting geared up and super cozy sleepwear once you're off the mountain. Our favorite, PJ Salvage, has the cutest red Ski Jammies this set will keep you toasty while you ride and let you sip your victory hot chocolate in style.

    Beyond Yoga Origami Cardigan

    After a long day of skiing, it is mandatory to pop a bottle of champagne and soak in the nearest hot tub. Currently we are crazy for Shan's Adele line available in a variety of styles. If wearing a swimsuit seems daunting and you're not quite ready to rock a two piece in sub-zero weather, we promise you'll feel confident and sexy in Shan's Adele Bandeau One-Piece. Whichever style you choose, you'll be feeling like Rihanna vacationing in Aspen when you slip on one of these bathing suits (especially after a few glasses of steamy champagne!)

    Shan 'Adele'

    Once you're back inside your chalet, keep your toes warm in a pair of Happy Socks paired with the UGG Dakota moccasin. These moccasins are a perfect ski bag addition because of their molded-rubber outsole. This durable sole allows you to keep cozy both inside and outside - you'll never have to change shoes before going out to make some snow angels.

    Ugg Dakota Mocassin

    Photo via Blogger Damsel In Dior

    One major plus to a ski vacation: panty lines are a non issue. Since carving turns calls for comfort, we suggest Hanky Panky's Organic Cotton French Brief. These cotton briefs will keep you covered and comfortable while shredding down the mountain. For comfort off the slopes (because what is a vacation if you aren't comfortable) Cosabella's Aire Hot Pant is a seamless panty made with semi-sheer fabric that feel as good as they look.

    Lastly, organization is key when packing your panties! We absolutely love the Panty Pak, it is the perfect solution to keeping your suitcase organized and keeping your panties packed away.

    Here's to powder days and cozy layers!

  • Gifts For Everyone On Your List

    Christmas is right around the corner and we have selected the perfect gifts for every woman on your list! Head into our store to pick up your last minute presents or shop online and select next day air at checkout to ensure delivery before the big day! Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!Gift Guide Under $100

    Gifts Under $100: Thong, Lafco Diffuser, Makeup Bag, Lafco Soaps, Lafco Candle Sets

    Expecting Mother Gift Guide

    Gifts For The Expecting Mother: Sleep Masks, Baby Socks, Mommy Robe, Maternity PJs

    Jet Setter Gift GuideGifts For The Jet Setter: Pillow, Travel Wallet, Makeup Bags, Red Bikini Top, Red Bikini Bottom, Pink Tote Bag, Panty Pak.

    Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

  • Designer Spotlight: Patricia Fieldwalker


    There is a reason why we are head over heels for one of our best selling designers Patricia Fieldwalker and it's because she understands what women truly want and what it takes to make them feel sexy. Patricia Fieldwalker combines European tradition and North American energy in all of her lingerie lines. In doing so, she creates a contemporary style that captures the sexy silhouettes of lingerie and the looks of current fashion. She has received many awards for her intimate work, including the prestigious "Les Rubans de Madame Figaro" at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, the Canadian Matinee Fashion Foundation Award for Excellence for five years running, the Royal Ontario Museum exhibition, and more.

    Patricia Fieldwalker Celeb

    Patricia Fieldwalker describes her client as the “sophisticated contemporary woman of any age who demands the finest quality material and highest level of workmanship, and who has a strong sense of personal style.” Celebrities and women of all kinds have worn Patricia Fieldwalker’s pieces for decades. From Demi Moore to Rihanna, there’s a style for everyone in Patricia Fieldwalker’s lines.

    Demi-Moore Patricia Fieldwalker

    Her pieces are luxurious, have an impeccable fit and are seriously stunning on. So if you are stumped and looking for a gift for the woman that has it all, look no further, a Patricia Feldwalker piece is perfect fit.  They make wonderful gifts for the holidays and she can even make custom, one of a kind pieces for bridal parties. Shop our favorite Patricia Feldwalker pieces below:



    Bridal Chemise $296


    Silk Robe with Lace Shoulders $296


    Garbo Chemise (3 colors) $258

    Shop these Patricia Feildwalker items online or head into our store, located in Chevy Chase, Md, for a wider selection from our favorite designer.

  • Lingerie Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2015

    Beyonce single ladies

    October is in full swing which means one of the best holidays of the year is just around the corner! Halloween, of course! Figuring out what to be is hard enough, but trying to pull together the perfect costume can seem impossible. Not to worry! This year, just throw on some lingerie and you’ll be ready to go with these fun Lingerie Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2015!


    Angel costume

    Angel: Feeling like you’ve been perfect this year? Pair a white bustier, white skirt, and white garters for a not-so-innocent look. Add wings and you’re ready to go! Buy your angel look here.

    Devil halloween costume

    Devil: Not such an angel? Try a red bra with red or black leather pants or a skirt. Just add horns! Buy your devilish costume here.

    Black swan halloween costume

    Black Swan Ballerina: This pop culture costume is easier than you think. Just pair a black corset with a black tutu and add black wings! Buy your Black Swan Costume here.

    Belly Dancer costume

    Belly Dancer: Looking for an excuse to own a fun bra? Look no further! Try a pastel one with a long, flowy white skirt and gold beaded headband for the perfect style. Buy your belly dancing bra here.

    Beyonce Single Ladies Costume Idea

    Beyoncè “Single Ladies”: The queen of pop isn’t so easy to emulate in all her over-the-top leotards. For her classic “Single Ladies” look, though, just pair a black body suit with nude tights and black heels. Add a leather glove on your left hand to really nail the look! Buy your body suit and nude hose here.


  • What is Sexy?

    what is sexy?

    What is sexy? And how do we obtain it?

    We all want to feel our best all the time, but especially when it comes to bedtime. There’s nothing worse than taking off your clothes and feeling like you need to put them back on. We think the absolute key to feeling your sexiest is confidence. Easier said than done, we know, but we’ve got a few ways to help you get there.

    The best way to start is by pampering yourself. Spend one day each month making yourself feel and look your best. This could include a mani/pedi, a facial, a massage, a wax, and anything else that helps keep your look up-to-date. You can even try getting your hair blown out or your makeup professionally done.

    With every part of you groomed to perfection, spend some time trying on and finding the perfect lingerie for your body. You want to draw attention to the parts of your body that you love. Finding the look that makes you feel the most confident can take time, but it’s well worth it in the end.

    At the end of the day, you want to feel good about yourself with or without clothes. Confidence can come to you in many different ways. A little extra pampering and some lingerie are just two of those ways to give you an extra boost.

    Let us help you find your best "sexy" by dropping into our store our browsing our beautiful selection of lingerie online. It may just give you that extra boost that you need!

  • Fall PJ Update

    Fall PajamasPajamas are one of those things that we leave until the last second to buy new. They often fall behind in our wardrobe updates because they’re almost never seen in public. But, when you think about it, one of the most important parts of everyday is getting the perfect night’s sleep. Sure, you could do that in an old tee shirt and worn out boxers, but why not feel your best in a new set of the perfect PJs. For sleep this Fall, we’re loving these looks:

    Sleep Shirts

    1. Skin’s Global Nomad Sleepshirt
    2. Hanro’s Garance Short Sleeve Gown
    3. Fleurt’s In the Mood for Lulu Sleep-shirt

    Loungewear for fall

    Loungewear isn’t only fit for getting into bed, though. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed all night up until your bedtime. There’s no better feeling than getting home from work after a long day and slipping into a plush set of sweats. This Fall, we’ve got the perfect home evening looks for you:

    1. PJ Salvage’s Shades of Gray Medallion Pants
    2. Beyond Yoga’s Up All Night Cowl Fleece Pullover
    3. Hanro’s Garance Pajamas


    While some nights are great for comfy loungewear while you watch a movie and drink a big glass of wine, some nights are meant for fun. And with the weather cooling down, you may want to help heat things up with some lingerie. Our Fall favorites are perfect for that special night in:

    1. Simone Perele’s Look Bodysuit
    2. L’Agent Provocateur’s Vanesa Chemise
    3. Fleurt’s Whispers of Love Chemise
    4. Stella McCartney’s Elena Reading Bodysuit

    And, of course, you may need to cover up a bit at some point in your night. To do so, we love our new Kapi Kimono from Natori and Global Nomad Robe from Skin!

    Not finding the pjs you are looking for in this post, no need to worry! We have tons of other styles on our website and in our store, so click here to get shopping!

  • Cheers To 40 Years

    Anniversary Celebration It’s official…we’re getting old. But this turning of age is one of the good kinds, thanks to all of our amazing clients. Not many businesses these days make it past 4 years, let alone 40. Our gratitude for the continuous support is exponential!

    We’ve learned a lot over the years about running a business, and what has been consistently vital to our success is maintaining relationships with our clients. When we first started Sylene 40 years ago, we hoped it would be a place where women could shop for lingerie without pressure or inhibitions. Today, we like to think that hope has become true of our store environment.

    As sisters, helping other women find their perfect fit has been extremely valuable for us. Not only do we love satisfying our clients, but we also love simply interacting with them on a daily basis. Lingerie is about more than just a skimpy slip, and we believe the shopping experience should be, as well. After 4 decades, we think it’s safe to say we are your experts in intimate style.

    Sylene DC

    We cannot say thank you enough for the opportunity to be your personal shoppers for intimate apparel. We never could have imagined this kind of success for Sylene, and we can’t wait to see what happens next! Cheers to 40 Years and come celebrate this huge milestone with us! We have tremendous deals going on for a few more days, so drop in and shop and celebrate!

    Sylene Favorite Bras

    We have carried Chantelle and Aubade for years! Be sure to check out what's new from some of our all-time favorite vendors.

    Sylene Sale Coupons


    We hope that you come and celebrate this milestone with us in our store! See you soon!

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