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  • Bras for the Season

    After you've completed your spring cleaning, it is pertinent that you reward yourself with some new treasures from Sylene! It is so important to have the right bras to pair with your outfit once the weather warms up. In the winter we don't have to worry while we are wrapped up in layers over our undergarments. Once the layers start coming off it is key to put careful thought into what you wear for support.
    Sylene knows the importance of having summer bras ready for that new sundress or flowy top. We have put together a list of must-have bras for the season's change. Shop the links below or stop by our store to try on some of our newest inventory to get ready for summer nights!
    One of the hottest trends we can't get enough of this season is the Bralette. The Else Baroque Bralette has a beautiful lace pattern and built-in underwire to keep everything delicately under control. If you are feeling daring, this bralette would look amazing with a denim vest and high-waisted parachute pants.
    Sports bras don't have to be ugly and Marie Jo's Action Arrow Sports Bra is proof! This bra provides soft round cups for your best shape while working up a sweat. The straps are made of a playful pattern and are extremely comfortable while wearing. It has never been easy working out with a large chest but Marie Jo's design goes above and beyond to provide what bras of the past have been lacking. If you're in the market for a bra like this, the Action Arrow Sports Bra is available in sizes C-F!
    One of the best purchases is a bra that can be there for you on more occasions than one. The Natori Sheer Convertible Underwire Bra is the jack of all trades. This bra has an ultra light lining for seamless wear under sleeveless tops. One of our favorite features is the clear plastic band in the front. This clear band is perfect for plunging necklines without having to sacrifice needed shape and support.
    Lastly, one of the most important bras to get help picking out is the strapless bra. Available in both black and nude, Le Mystere's Sculptural Strapless Push-up does exactly what it says. It sculpts while pushing up and has three hooks in the back to keep things in place. This bra also has a deep plunge to stay out of sight in low cut shirts.
    We hope to see you soon for a fitting and to shop new bras for the season!
  • Tips To Stay Motivated This Spring

    As spring gets closer and closer, some of us may find that those resolutions we set a few months back are getting farther and farther away. With bikini season upon us as well as endless margarita and rose weather, we have just what you need to keep motivated to push through to achieve your best body yet. Sarah Phillips, fitness blogger and contributing writer for Strong Fitness gave us 6 tips for Sylene shoppers, grab a pencil and get reading!

    1 Stick To A Schedule Schedule: Commit to going to the gym however many days a week is realistic for you. Maybe it’s 3 or maybe it’s 5. Whatever that number it is, write it down on your calendar and hold yourself accountable. It will help you stay true to your workout plan. Also, write down your workouts in a notes section in your phone or track your workouts in a journal so you can see your progress. Nothing is more motivating than seeing progress.


    2 Switch It Up: Bored with your workout routine? Switch things up and try a new workout method. Try a yoga class, barre class, go to Orange Theory, Crossfit, or Pilates. There are so many different options out there, that you should never be able to say that you are bored with your workouts.


    3 Find A Workout Partner: Having a workout buddy to help hold you accountable for working out will actually make you show up to the gym more and will also be way more fun. Knowing that you are meeting your pal at kickboxing class at 6:30pm makes it 10x harder to ditch class for happy hour.


    4 Look The Part: Spoiling yourself with a few new pieces of activewear each season is perfectly fine in our book, that is if you are actually using them to work out. There are so many good options out there for fashion forward fitness gear that actually functions too. Check out our new favorites from Prism Sport below.


    5 Set Achievable Goals: What is your reasoning for working out? Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Lift more weight? Whatever your reasoning is, write it down and make a plan to work towards it and achieve it. Having goals to work towards will make you 10x more likely to keep showing up to the gym.


    6 Treat Yo Self: When you achieve your goals, reward yourself with something fun! A fun night out, a new outfit, or a trip somewhere cool. Maybe you even plan this with your workout buddy, so you are both working toward your goals together. Just find something that will keep you motivated to keep working hard each week.


    To shop Sarah's look visit our website! Leggings and top both by Prism Sport.

    For more fashion and fitness tips, visit Sarah's blog here.



  • Valentine's Day

    It wouldn't be fair to reserve a holiday made up of flowers and chocolate exclusively for people in relationships. Obviously, Valentine's Day is a great time to remind a significant other how much you love them, but it is an equally great excuse to treat yourself!
    A single Valentine's Day could even outweigh a traditional date night... Just think: You don’t have to stress over making dinner reservations or finding a new dress to wear. Instead, you can spend the holiday focusing on the most important person in your life: yourself! Sylene should always be your first stop when it is time to treat yourself or the place to send someone shopping for you.
    Valentine's Day should be a day focused on LOVE in all forms! All that being said we have selected a few ideas for great Valentine's Day dates with yourself or significant other and gifts from Sylene to pair with them.

    1. Bubble bath + Bottle of Wine

    You don't need to wait for a holiday to schedule a date with your bubble bath. If this is already something on your weekly routine,  you can spice things up by pairing your bottle of wine with homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Once you step out of the tub, stay cozier than you could with a date by slipping into the Karoline Ugg Robe.

    2. Breakfast in Bed

    There aren't many things in life that beat a morning starting with a delicious breakfast and minimal time out of bed. The first step to bringing this to fruition would be prepping your breakfast the night before. Regardless of if you are planning on cuddling up with your Valentine or spending the morning watching Parks and Rec, you should go all out for this special occasion. We suggest this winter fruit salad recipe, grapefruit mimosa pitcher and a mushroom and swiss quiche (this way your only requirement is to preheat the oven.) To enjoy your lounging to the fullest, you'll want to dress the part. Plan to wake up in Eberjey's Afternoon Delight nightshirt. This tunic is not only cute, but it is also comfortable to be worn all year round.


    3. Night on the Town

    Avoid the crowded restaurants and opt to spend your money on tickets to something local you wouldn't normally find yourself doing. If you're in the D.C. area we have found a few events worth checking out: Whiskey ClassSilent DiscoMixology Event, Salsa Dancing, and Wine Tasting.
    Half of the fun of going out is dressing up be that for your Valentine, Galentine or yourself. You might be surprised with the effect that new lingerie can have on you. It is also worth noting that your fancy lingerie doesn't need to be reserved for fancy outfits. Pairing your favorite jeans and tee with a lacy red set can make you feel your sexiest. These are a few of our favorites:
    The Mimi Holliday Ever Yours Plunge Underwire and Peep Bikini set is a cute contrast to wear under a chunky sweater dress with your favorite over the knee boots.
    The lacy red Petunia bra and matching panty by Else Petunia are great for pretty much any outfit you end up throwing on before your Valentine's Day outing!
    For extra support, Prima Donna Oriental balcony bra and night thong set looks delicate while providing top of the line control and shape for everyday outfits to date night dresses.
  • Brand Highlight: Agent Provocateur

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree for the founder of lingerie retailer L’Agent Provocateur. Joseph Corre, the son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, opened a lingerie store in Soho in 1994 with his wife. This British brand has grown and expanded vastly since. L’Agent Provocateur has over 60 stores in 13 different countries and has added sleepwear, hosiery, swimwear and fragrances to their shelves.

    Sylene is a big fan of this elegant brand and we work to keep the latest L’Agent Provocateur looks in stock. We are excited to highlight this brand and have selected some of our new arrivals along with some of our favorites that are available for purchase.


    If you're a fan of French movies, food or fashion, the Vanesa Basque is an elegant pick. Not only is this the perfect look for a romantic night in, but it also does a great job creating a silhouette to die for! We love the scallop edging and the romantic yet sexy way the suspender straps pair with stockings. To complete the look, L'Agent Penelope Fishnet Hold-Ups are also available at Sylene.


    If you already have a new set of underpinnings and are just looking for something pretty to add to your collection we suggest the Idalia Robe. This robe is perfect for adding a little elegance to your bedroom wear but keeps its' sex appeal with its short thigh high cut and sheer tulle fabric. If you are in the market for a gift to give a bride-to-be, this is one of our top suggestions!


    Lastly, a bra named after the epitome of feminity is the Penelope Balcony Bra. This bra comes in both black and nude stretch satin with power mesh for an incomparable shape. We love the simplicity of this bra. Impressively, while providing full coverage and great support this bra still drops jaws.

    Be sure to check out the full collection on our website or stop by our store to see why everyone (including Kendall Jenner) can'r get enough of L'Agent Provocateur!

  • Inauguration Style

    I think we can all agree that this presidential election race has certainly been one for the history books. Despite who you voted for, whether you’re thrilled or devastated about the results, inauguration season means cities will be filled with balls and parties. I don’t know about you, but any reason to doll up and have fun is a good reason. However, I know many of us might feel a bit bloated and bigger than usual after this holiday season. Who can blame us? The holidays only happen once a year... and the food looked and tasted way too good. That’s why we gathered a few items for you to wear underneath the unforgiving fitted gowns and dresses at whichever Inauguration party or ball you will be attending quite soon. These are guaranteed to make you look your sexiest self without any guilt.

    Squeem ‘Sexy Body’ High Waist Mid-Thigh Short

    Squeem has an amazing collection of waist cinchers, to compress that bloating and love handles that we all want to hide under a fitted dress. The best thing about this product is that the waist cincher has a short attached to it, shaping your hips, butt, and thighs. And let’s not forget that it’s all invisible underneath clothing. Totally safe to wear under a gown no one will know that you got a little help.

    Squeem ‘Seductive’ Open Bust Vest

    This waist cincher has bra straps attached to it, giving you control over keeping the waist cincher in its place. It also takes inches off your waist, perks up your breasts, and gives you that flat stomach. This is perfect to wear underneath a dress that covers your shoulders (or shows a little bit of what your mama gave you). Now that’s what I call a win-win-win-win.

    Spanx Higher Power Shorty

    Just like the name says, these boy shorts make you feel like you have some higher power. The high-waisted design shapes your body, giving you a flat stomach. Also, the seamlessness of these boy shorts (the comfiest of all undies) solves the panty-line problem you were worried about. Not only does it feel invisible, but it looks invisible too.

  • Thankful for Tights

    After a few too many “October Summer” days and “November Spring” weather, the fall season is finally in full action! The bustling winds have been stripping the trees down to nothing, clothing the streets and sidewalks with leaves. The temperature has been dropping, which probably means you’re feeling the need to drop your hemline as well – or even ditch the dresses and flats completely for those long pants and boots. However, many of us are reluctant to stores away our favorite skirts and loafers at the demand of the chilling weather. Thankfully, Sylene has come to our rescue with some tights, saving us from freezing our legs and feet off at the price fashion – and you know they’re not just any tights.

    We love Wolford tights. Not only is the quality phenomenal, but their fashion-forward styles do not disappoint. Whether your style is streetwear, modern elegant, or simply chic, you can express your unique self with these tights and add that little “umph” to your outfit.

    Wolford Neptune Knee Highs

    “Pure elegance with a sexy effect”


    Amp up your legs and feet, ladies. These classic fishnet knee-highs feature a minimally bold back seam detail and a comfort top, keeping your legs comfortable and edgy. Show them off completely with a skirt or dress, or wear them under pants and loafers to give everyone a little peep of the attitude you’re rocking.

    Wolford Satin Touch Stay Up Thigh Highs

    “It pays to look great.”


    Look good, feel good. Look sexy, feel sexy. These sexy thigh-highs feature four pH-neutral silicone stripes inside the thigh bands to keep these stockings in place without irritating your skin. Whether you want to pair these off with a little fitted dress or skirt and show off all the lace, or keep it completely hidden under your outfit, the lace band thigh-highs will undoubtedly make you feel like the sexy woman you are.


    Take advantage of the foliage and sweater weather to get sexy and edgy with these Wolford tights. Whether you go bold with a color-popping dress, go edgy your look up with a leather skirt, or go chic and casual with jeans and loafers, the Neptune Knee Highs and Satin Touch Stay Up Thigh Highs are guaranteed to be your outfit’s cherry on top.

  • Holiday Shopping with Sylene

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For those of you who didn’t complete all of your holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we have some great gift ideas to make shopping a little easier for you. Take a minute to sit down and do some holiday shopping with Sylene.

    In search of stocking stuffers? Regardless of age, Sylene has you covered with Happy Socks for the wee ones and Wolford tights for your friends. We have separate boxed sets of Happy Socks for boys and girls to keep their toes warm this season. The funky patterns will give this classic gift some extra excitement. This is also the time of year when cocktail parties crowd our calendars. Luckily, Wolford has the perfect tights to keep warm while looking fabulous at any occasion. The ‘Romance Tights’ have a transparent dot pattern that leads up to a thigh high bow. Wolford is known for their elegant and comfortable tights; these are the perfect stocking stuffers for the socialite in your life!


    If you have already purchased a gift but are looking for something extra to let your lady know how sexy she is, Sylene has an endless list of options for you to choose from. One of our favorite festive sets is the Mimi Holliday ‘Amartllis Peep Knickers’ and matching corset bra. This lacy number is sure to get her in the holiday spirit while cozying up with you and a mug of hot cocoa. The floral lace and red silk corset laces up to offer structured support and amplified sex appeal. The ‘Peep Knickers’ wrap low on the hips and are equally gorgeous with the Mimi Holliday signature clasp at the top.


    Finally, the holidays are not complete without a fresh set of pajamas to wear by the fire. Ugg has our favorite set this year with twill plaid pants paired with a super soft jersey tee for the special man in your life (boyfriend, husband, son, father… who doesn’t love new pajamas?)


    These last pajamas would make a great gift but after shopping for everyone else you might need something to wear while wrapping everything up? Try Bedhead’s Lipstick PJ set and thank us later.


    Happy shopping!

  • Falling for Fitness

    ATTN: Pumpkin Spice lovers...fall is finally here! The reasons why this season is so magical are endless. Changing leaves, cozy fires and slipping into your cutest sweater/boot combo to name a few. Once summer is officially over (and we say goodbye to our swimsuits for a bit) many of us see this as a time where we can get away with putting on a few extra pounds. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pies to holiday cookies, it is nearly impossible to resist the goodies! The smartest way to approach the next couple months of temptation is to set a practical exercise regimen. If you keep active while indulging, you don't have to feel nearly as guilty!

    Luckily, Sylene has curated awesome activewear this season to inspire you to get to the gym when your cozy bed tries to trick you into watching Netflix under the covers.

    For our yogi friends we suggest Beyond Yoga's "Move With It" mesh bra. The Spacedye fabric and mesh cutouts are sure to get you excited up to get to class and bend into your camel pose. This bra is ideal for women who need medium support. If you are in need of a little extra support, try Anita's Active Sports Bra, this bra accommodates sizes A-F!

    Here is a great video of getting into camel pose, said to wake you up more than a cup of coffee!


    Activewear is not only worn in the gym these days. That being said, everyone should own a good pair of black leggings. Having a pair of leggings you feel comfortable in is a must this fall. These Essential Gathered Long Leggings are one of the most versatile items you can add to your wardrobe.  You'll be wearing these to sleep in, stretch in, grocery shop in, and any other activity you can think of. Beyond Yoga has perfected the legging by ensuring they keep their shape and color wash after wash.

    Try this 5 minute stretch routine for your healing muscles on your off days!


    Now that you have your bra and leggings covered, Trina Turk has the perfect top to finish out your look. The Draped Jersey Tank is a great top to sweat or snuggle in. The laser cut details on the back add a funky touch to a tank that will match all your activewear. Don't make excuses! There are bound to be days you can't schedule time to get into the gym; plan to wake up a early and get your cardio in at home. Try something new with this Kickboxing video.


    Set yourself up to enjoy the next few months by working out and you'll thank yourself a few months later come swimsuit season! A sure way to motivate yourself to get into the gym is to dress the part. Get ahead of the curb and stop in Sylene or shop our activewear online before the holidays take over!

  • Bra Trade In Event

    Sylene is excited for the Bra Trade In Event starting today! Bring in your gently used bras and save $7.50 off a replacement. You will also receive $2.50 off a new pair of panties for your donated pair, or $10 for your bra and panty set.

    Sylene is donating the collected items to The Bra Recyclers, a company dedicated to contributing to women less fortunate while benefitting the environment. The Bra Recyclers learned that "95% of textiles, worn or torn, can be recycled but only 15% are actually recycled". The founder saw an opportunity to improve this statistic and positively impact families around the world. This company believes “the more you give the more you receive. Our success is not just driven by revenue, but by the impact we make in the lives of families in our communities.” The Bra Recyclers uses collected items to make cushion for red carpet events. The donated underwire is removed and sold to metal recyclers to support breast cancer research.

    Here are some facts and pointers to help determine if your bra is ready to be recycled:

    8 out of 10 women aren’t wearing the right size bra. That being said, there are thousands of bras that can be reused or recycled. Your bra sizes change 6-8 times in a lifetime. This change happens during and after childbirth and with weight gain/loss over the years. It should also be noted that the use of birth control can also effect the bra size you should be wearing. On average women own 6 bras and only end up wearing 2 of them. If you have 2 bras in rotation, the lifetime of your bras will be 6-9 months. That being said, if your underwire is digging into your flesh, its time to part with your old favorite and invest in a comfortable bra that will give you better support from Sylene!

    We hope to see you (and your previously loved bras) in the store from October 14-28! The more you trade, the more you save, so dig around in your lingerie drawer and come see us to treat yourself to a likely much needed upgrade. Every woman has that bra she never wears, use yours for good during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  • Celebrating 41 Years at Sylene

    It is hard to believe 41 years has gone by since the opening of Sylene's first lingerie store in 1975. A lot has happened since the beginning, this post will focus on accomplishments and where we have been since the beginning of this wild adventure!


    1975 was anything but boring. The Watergate scandal flooded the news, Bill Gates founded Microsoft, NBC aired the first episode of Saturday Night Live, and Sylene opened on Fairmont Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. Before opening, Cyla’s parents warned her about the difficulties of being a business owner. Cyla was not discouraged by the hard work ahead and was sure she had what was needed for a successful business. 


    After a few years in business, Sylene became the area experts in fitting prosthetics for mastectomy patients. The shop became known for their mastectomy fashion shows as a way for women to celebrate their strength. As business grew, Cyla’s sister Helen Kestler joined the business in 1980. Helen was able to free up some of Cyla's time by assisting in managing day to day operations. A few years later, in 1987, Cyla was invited to the White House to fit the first lady Nancy Reagan after her mastectomy. This was a huge honor for their business; safe to say all of their hard work wasn’t going unrecognized! 



    In 1999 Sylene moved to a new home in Chevy Chase, where it is located today. The ladies of Sylene are always thinking of new ways to get involved and give back to the community. As a result, in 2004 the Bra Trade In Event was born. This event gives women the opportunity to trade-in old bras to be donated to less fortunate women in the area. After donating, you receive a discount towards replacing your lingerie in the store. (We encourage you to participate in the upcoming Trade In Event starting October 14. You will save $7.50 off a new bra and $2.50 off any new panty when you trade in your pre-loved items!)


    Sylene launched a website in 2006 to expand their client reach outside of the DC area. The website is a great way to shop curated lingerie when life becomes too busy for store visits. The following year, Sylene was voted Best Lingerie Store by Bethesda Magazine. It is truly a blessing to turn your dreams into reality, and to have a sister as a co-worker is the cherry on top!


    The ladies of Sylene are so grateful for these wonderful years and looking forward to many more to come. We can say with confidence that we have the greatest clients in the world, thank you for making this possible! Join us in celebrating our anniversary by participating in our special savings event. (Details for our Anniversary savings can be found on our homepage)

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