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Allée des Plaisirs Italian Brief

The Italian brief unveils its most beautiful colours in the Allée des Plaisirs line. Lace adorns the hips down to the base of the buttocks, interweaving endless lace with silvery shimmers. The blue on this piece features on bold lacing at the small of the back.

  • Three-colour embroidered trim on multi-strand rigid and Lycra tulle.

  • Elastic dotted Swiss tulle.

  • Single-tone embroidered panel on multi-strand Lycra tulle.

  • Bow and satin lacing

The Allée des Plaisirs line takes on a new colour that combines black dotted Swiss tulle with bright blue floral embroidery. Seductive lacing enhances each piece in this collection, at the centrepiece or on the back of the briefs, for secret, romantic pleasures.

Style: HB27

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