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Boîte à Désir Waistcincher

This minimalist waistcincher entrances your lover in the epitome of desire, blending stunning embroidery with extremely striking elasticated bands. The suspenders are held in place by floral clips, the only motifs on this very simple piece that puts nudity first and foremost.

  • Lycra tulle

  • Guipure patterns

  • Elastic bands

  • Contrasting gold adjusters and rings

Sensual and ultra sexy, the Boîte à Désir collection offers all lovers its exceptional models, increasing pleasure to infinity. Very graphic, it is decorated with adjustable materials, giving free rein to the games of seduction. A unique collection that dares a refined and secret eroticism.

The suggestive, frisky Boite à Désir collection offers you super sexy items, all in lace with buttons and ribbons to do and undo. They come on one size only, but are adjustable, so you can indulge in all your fantasies.

Style: P052N

Availability: In stock


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