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"I've been fitted for bras at Sylene and department stores over the past 3 decades. A good fitting can't be beat; good fitters are rare. After losing a great deal of weight over the last year or so, it was beyond time for a good fitting. I dropped into Sylene today and met the best fitter (ever!) today, Harriet. She took a quick look at me, my current bra and asked questions about the exact look I wanted. Most of the bras she brought in were winners and when I tried ones that weren't so good, she recognized the problem and corrected it quickly. I left the store with 5 bras which are beautiful and fit extraordinarily. These new bras are GREAT!"

Lisa R. , Washington, DC

"We went to Sylene because no department store had my daughter's size in a sports bra. It was highly recommended that she be measured and we followed the recommendation. It turned out that she was wearing the wrong size and getting zero support for at least the last few months. Kristy helped us and she was wonderful. This store had a vast selection and she was very happy about that.Thank you Kristy, and thank you Sylene, for having a large assortment of bras in unusual sizes, including sports bras! We were able to purchase what we were looking for, we were treated very well, and we walked out very happy. Of course we will return again and again. I highly recommend Sylene, especially for those of you who have unusual bra sizes and find it hard to find something in the usual bra stores. This boutique caters to everyone."

Mrs. B. , Washington, DC

"I finally decided after numerous years of uncomfortable bras to try out Sylene's. I am not even large chested and don't really have issues with fittings other than a proper fit. I walked in and was greeted by Helen. Helen pulled perfect bras for me and, the perfect size.  I love them and bought three. I also bought a comfy Sunday "hang out"  bra (no wire and actually very sexy and delicate ). I also bought a beautiful bra and panty set which is spectacular and classy.  I love this store and will only come here for my bras in the future. It is rare nowadays to find a local small knowledgeable store that solves your problems and has amazing service."

Karen L. , McLean, Va.

"I cannot speak highly enough about the service and selection at Sylene. I haven't had a proper fitting bra in ages and my visit was life changing! Harriet is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and REALLY knows what she's doing. They have a large selection of everything from the most practical to special occasion items. Don't waste time at other retail shops, this place will save you time and hassle because they know what they're doing and they won't send you home with anything that isn't perfect for you."

Jessica S. , Washington, DC

"If you want an excellent selection of top quality lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear served with the best customer service, this is the place for you! What sets Sylene apart is their excellent customer service. I recently shopped there and asked for a bra that would not have the straps fall down. The person who fit me not only took my request seriously, but produced about 7 bras that fit the bill. There was no pressure to purchase anything, but she wanted to give me the choice of at least five bras that would work. They are very fussy about fit at Sylene, and it's virtually impossible to walk out of the store with anything less than perfection. The prices are about the same as any department store, but you get the extra service which to me is worth a lot."

Linda S. , Brookville, MD